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The daily thread October 4, 2006

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Waking up to a cooler, windy and wet day!!!
We got an inch of rain since 10pm last night. I didn't sleep well as all the cats wanted to be on the bed!!
Going to pick up a freecycle item this morning and do some grocery shopping as my parents are coming on Friday.
Then I guess some cleaning???

Have a good day!!!
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Good morning everyone!!

This is the second day in a row that I've woken up to a light show going on outside my window.

The rain has already stopped and today is supposed to be the last of the warm days.

Today I'm going to be doing a whole bunch of cleaning and reading.

Have a great hump day all
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I opened the door to lightning striking not far away and all of the streetlamps going out - I knew it was going to be a bad day - it has thankfully stopped with the rain and light show and seen as I was in work early have caught up with loads before people got in some can relax a little at work today
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On my way to work this morning, a deer ran across the street in front of my bus (it was far enough away that nobody hit it, although the street is very, very busy during rush hour). For a moment everyone on my bus just sort of stopped and stared, because the area is pretty built up around there and there shouldn't be any deer -- but that's definitely what it was!
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Well i got some okayish news today,
I sent in my CV for a job at the airport, and she rejected it because i asked too much money for the intership, i replied saying i was sorry because i had sent her the wrong letter, so she told me to send in the CV and correct letter and hopefully they will accept me!

I got rejected at another job, but she told me to look on their website and apply for other positions, i dont know why.

Other than that i just cleaned the bathroom with vinegar at the new apartment and my nose hurts!
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I start my new job today I am kinda excited!
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Well I am not feeling well today. Runny nose,headache, didn't sleep well, and am stuck at work. But the week is 1/2 done with and I have a busy weekend to look forward too!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Well, still working on moving here, but at least it's a nice weather day!

And a funny holiday as well!

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Hi everyone!
I've had an interesting day/night. I went to bed about 2ish and was awakened to a light shining into my windows an hour later. I went to investigate and found that there were cop cars outside my neighbors house. Don't know what happened, but I'm sure it wasn't good.
Today I had to go to the (ahem) woman doctor if you know what I mean.
It got cold here. I hate it! I want the warm weather back. Nothing much accomplished other then going to the doctors today. I feel lazy again. Why is that?

Have a great day!!!
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Rain rain rain today - but no light show here! It was supposed to happen but I think it unleashed all of it's fury in Cobourg and didn't get this far east, other than the rain! That's a good thing!
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I just got home from work and am now just catching up..I had to stay until 6 tonight to make some sales calls..No fun..

I can no longer post at work during the day so I'm pretty bored I actually have to work!!

Its kinda rainy and stormy here today too..not very good makes me blah.

Um, other than that, Its dinner time but I have no idea what to eat...I have no food and am too lazy to go to he grocery store...I guess thats my problem.
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Hummm I had a huge history exam today (thanks for TCS vibes everyone!), I watched "criminal minds" with my mom at my house tonight- I love that show!!! Then I left and now i'm at Colin's. Now Kenzie is being a little deamon kitten and driving me and Fosters insane! (she's screaming in protest at the moment - I put her back in her carrier after she attacked my feet and bit me when I told her "no" -that's a big ! I have to stop her while she's little so she will be adoptable ..geesh! She's soo sassy!) and my contacts are dried out. Fosters is snuggled up on the couch beside me right now! He loves TCS too! He's sooo sweet
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