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Safe for pets? Advice please

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Following the tragedy of losing my Napoleon, I have been searching online for rat poisons that do not affect dogs and cats. There is one called Eradirat in the UK which claims it is safe, and I have had this confirmed by email from the manufacturers. Does anyone here know of this or similar products that are OK if the cat eats a rodent that has been affected? I am not sure I can persuade all my neighbours to switch to traps, and I dare not let my kits out again till I am sure it is safe.
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Jenny let me e-mail Emma my vet nurse friend and see if she can help.

EDIT : I've e-mailed her Jenny so i'll let you know what she comes back with.

I'll move this over to Care and Grooming just incase others can advise
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I had this come up last winter as the year before I had alot of mouse damage in my garden shed. You might want to pm Hissy for advise. I didn't use anything in the shed last year-just tried to seal the opening on the back door better. I did pick up a trap and some sticky paper stuff that they can get stuck on. I was afraid after losing Sheba that evil neighbour would use bait as Bobber is the only cat that roams and hunts. The other three neighbor's around me do not use any baits.
Do your neighbor's think there is a mouse/rat problem?? Do they find poisoned ones-do they use traps at all?? I now with the cooler weather coming bobber catches more stuff but usually meadow mice and voles. Do any farm and store grain?
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Thanks, Susan. I'll wait and see what Emma has to say. To answer Gail's other questions, yes, there is a problem - all my cats have been catching mice and rats and the neighbours told me that last year they were a real plague. The ones I have spoken to only put poison in their cellar, but of course the actual rodents don't stay there. They have promised me to move over to traps. And this is horse country and there is grain for horses stored in all the barns - next door to me there is a field with 6 horses and a donkey, and even in my own barn the previous owners left several tubs of horse feed. When my Shetland ponies arrive - probably next week, I shall start storing it myself. So we need to do something.
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Just pm'd you her reply
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