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For all the movers!

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Alot of us are moving this month or in the next upcoming months, my bedroom is starting to feel empty! I just dismounted the small cat tree, and packed away the toys they dont play with anymore! Now they are both looking at me with really sad eyes, and kaylee is laying on top of the box with all her toys in it!
Doesnt your heart just melt? I feel so bad but i cant undo the box now, because then id have a bigger mess!
Although 3 weeks seems like alot of time, it sure is going to fly real quick and there is still so much to do!
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Fran I am moving in 3 weeks aswell and it seems like ages away, as Mark keeps saying aswell, but its not!!!!
It's typical that if you pack up their toys which they don't play with, they'll want them!
I'm just working on the bedroom now, before I move onto other rooms.
I need to start with easy things, like taking pictures off the walls etc.
aaaaaaaaaah I need some help
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I have a really large bedroom, and i pretty much have everything from my old apartment living with ex in here!
Its like converted loungeroom/study/bedroom/kitchen in one room! I actually started packing the day we found out that we were moving
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Well as you know everything that i'm not using is boxed up, and heres the link from fur pics of the girls and the boxes.


I'm even sleeping in the guest bed in the girls room because i've packed all my bedding away and the clean beddings all pressed ready to go on.

The cooler box is all packed with coffee, biscuits, juice etc... and i'll get some sandwiches and things the night before so theres something there to eat.

I had 2 removal companies come and give quotes on saturday and one of them said he wished everyone was as organised

My tip is to concentrate on one room at a time and work your way through, leaving the boxes in that room so you know where things are incase you need something out of them.
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Well susan, your the only organised person i know!!
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I'm known for it, it's how i've been for years Used to bug the life out of my ex though
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I moved into a tiny little flat after sharing with my mother pretty much most of my life and I found that stressfull but let me share with you a few tips that I've learned the hard way.
  1. Start packing as early as you can.
  2. Label each box with a # and make a list of items in the box (stick on outside of box)
  3. Don't forget to # each box so when you get into your new home and start unpacking you know if there are any boxes missing.
  4. Start packing the items you use the least first. pack each room in this order: Spare bedroom, dining room, sitting room, storage cupboards/linen cupboards, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.
  5. pack bathroom, bedroom and kitchen 2-3 days before the final moving day... makes things easier on moving day. don't forget to keep out only essential items such as food for 2-3 days, pets food/bowls, toiletries and clothes.
  6. Try get all washing/ironing that always tends to be hanging around on moving day out of the way the night before - pack in suitcase.
  7. Make a "moving day box" which should have a towel/s, toiletries, change of clothes/pj's, essential meds, pet food/bowls/bedding/toys, bedding for new bed/pillows/blanket. Kitchen items such as toaster, kettle. Take a seperate cooler with tea/coffee/sugar, squash drink and very basic food items for your first night in... or moving day itself... as there is nothing more frustrating than searching every box for the kettle while dying for a cup of tea!
  8. Last but not least TRY NOT TO STRESS OUT!!!!!!: I know what it was like moving out of my mothers home for the first time (ok so you guys might be in a different circumstance) but I cried, she cried, my family kept popping in to "help", the cat kept getting under my feet, I was a nervous wreck!!!!!

Hope this info helps!
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My fiance just moved in with me and half of his stuff is still in the garage. Now he can't park his car in ther.
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I have a husband who is OCD about moving, so here's what we did. We were able to get a print out of the diminutions of the apartment before we moved, so he had everything measured. He then put everything into zones. Zone one was the bathroom, zone two was the kitchen, ect. We then started to pack, when we would pack every box we would list everything inside of it and tape it to the outside. We then put a tag on the box of what zone it went into. When we moved we would put the boxes into their proper zone so it made unpacking easier. We had everything unpacked and done with in two days. It was amazing.
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Can I borrow you or your husband?
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Originally Posted by Pombina View Post
Can I borrow you or your husband?
Sure! You have to give him back though, he'll cook, clean, and do his own laundry!
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