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Big Sloppy Kisses

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Does anyone else have this happen? When we wake up in the morning, Gizmo will walk across the bed and sit in my lap. I pick her up and carry her into the living room to give her her l-lysine medication. While I am carrying her Gizmo frequently sticks her nose in my ear and sniffs and licks ticklishly. I think it's hilarious and call it her 'sloppy kiss'. She doesn't do it every time and I wonder, is there some attraction that ears have for cats, or is Gizmo just playing?
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Awwwww no idea but it sounds like she loves you
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She's a very loving little girl so I suppose that's why she does it.
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She's probably going for the ear wax in your ears. For some reason some cats just love ear wax. I know after I've used a Q-Tip my Abby does her very best to try and grab it and eat the cotton (she doesn't do that to unused Q-Tips)
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It's a little less sentimental but probably as good a reason as any.
But why, if Gizmo likes ear wax, doesn't she ever go 'for it' while she is sleeping in the bed right next to me? She only does it while I am carrying her to the living room in the morning.
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Ear wax! Euw!!!!

My Ginger licks my fingers every single morning without fail. It is her morning "grooming" of me, and she does it to show me she loves me.

She used to wake me up by licking my nose, and I was able to train her that the nose is a no-no, but she can lick my fingers to her heart's content.

I just think it's because Gizmo loves you, is all.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
It's a little less sentimental but probably as good a reason as any.
But why, if Gizmo likes ear wax, doesn't she ever go 'for it' while she is sleeping in the bed right next to me? She only does it while I am carrying her to the living room in the morning.
Because when you stand up it drains out of the ear canal. Hence her sticking her nose in your ear and sniffing, before she starts to lick.
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Spoken like an honest woman. I guess I need to get my ears cleaned. Maybe I'll just let Gizmo do it.
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My cat used to do that too. My hubby and I would have to kick him out of the bed sometimes because when we would try to go to sleep he would lick our ears. It was gross. He also likes q-tips, used or unused though. I don't know why, he just loves to did them out of the garbage and carry them around the house and play with them.
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I just went to and typed in:

why do cats like eating earwax?

This is what I found:

The principal constituent components of earwax are complex sebaceous fluids and sloughed off dead skin cells. The sebaceous fluids are composed mostly of triglyceride fatty acids, waxes and cholesterol esters.

A cat is not a spohisticated creature when it comes to its sense of taste. Where a human has close to 10,000 tastebuds, a cat has less than 500. However, they make up for this by having a higher concentration of olfactory receptors. (Estimates vary between breeds, but they have approximately 50 times the number of our 5 million or so odour sensitive cells.) Like humans though, they only respond to the four basic taste types of sour, bitter, salt and sweet - their response to sweet being the weakest. Most of our experience of flavour is actually due to smell - it is our sense of smell which determines why different food 'tastes' different. It is reasonable to assume that cats use a similar blend of smell and taste in determining the palatability of food.

Consider the following. Cats rarely reject a proffered piece of food on the basis of it's taste. They use smell as the discriminator to decide if something is likely to be good tucker or not. Using their sense of smell, the cats subconsciously realise that earwax has a nutritional value - specific olfactory receptors will be triggered by the scent of the fatty acids, the cholesterol, and also the dead skin cells (mostly protein). Cats are specifically attuned to the scent of animal proteins, hence their preference for meat - also the reason why cats hungrily devour earwax (and also love freshly picked scabs).
That also explains why cats tend to go for the nose and forehead when they "give kisses". Technically they are just licking up the sebacious oils from the skin, which are in abundance in those 2 areas of the face. But even though I know that I still like to think that my Chynna loves me and is giving me "kisses" when she does that. But in fact she is just licking off the oils that my skin secretes.
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Well, I'm really glad I came back to read this thread as I'm sitting down to lunch!


I'm so grossed out now...
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Who needs vitamins when you have earwax!!!

Just follow your cat's lead, if he eats something then it must be healthy! HeeHee!
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Well then, I'm at least happy to say that when I say "give me a kiss Gizmo" she touches noses with me. That is the real, genuine 'kitty kiss'.
Of course she also bites my nose in the morning if I don't get up soon enough for her.

She does like to groom my hand and arm when she's grooming herself in the bed. I take this as a kitty compliment.

But the earwax thing is just grrrross!
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There was no big sloppy kiss today! As I said, she doesn't do this every day. Maybe my ears are just cleaner than usual?
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stoli has started to do this lately too! i just thought it was kisses, guess not!!!!
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