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I said goodbye to Hoggie today

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I had to say goodbye to my sweet boy Hoggie today. He has been fighting a liver infection for the last month and a half. He seemed to be getting better, acting more himself and his bloodwork was improving. But over the last few days, I saw him start to decline again. No matter how much I fed him, he couldn't gain any weight. It wasn't that he wouldn't eat, his body just couldn't process the food effectively anymore. His blood tests yesterday came back very bad. As bad as when he first got sick. We had to face the fact that the liver infection was most likely secondary to cancer. As much as I didn't want to face it, I knew it was time to let him go. I couldn't put him through anymore and watch him get worse and in pain. He was so thin and weak but he was still my sweet boy, purring and giving me headbuts. I held in my arms and told him how much I loved him and kissed him until he was gone. Even thought my vet assured me it was time and I know I did everything in my power to make him better, it's so hard to let go. He was only 7 and I miss him so much already. I don't know if Bells understands he isn;t coming back yet since he was gone so the last month at the hospital. At least he got to be home the last couple weeks where he was happy. Sorry this is so long but I know everyone here will understand.
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oh darlin, I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Hoggie today

Its never easy to say goodbye to a loved one but you have given Hoggie the greatest gift of all... you put his feelings in front of your own and helped him cross too the bridge with dignity and no more pain. As he crossed the last thing he saw and heard was you - and that he will remember until you can meet again.

I will light a candle to help guide Hoggie home

RIP Hoggie, run freely little one, you are in no more pain anymore

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I'm so very sorry. I'm lighting a candle for Hoggie to light his way to the rainbow bridge. The hardest thing about being a responsible pet owner is knowing when to let go.
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i am so sorry to read this.
you did everything you could. RIP hoggie.
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i am so very sorry to hear this, another one taken too soon. But thank you for giving him that final act of love, it is very hard, but a truly kind thing to do. RIP little one.
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I'm so very sorry. Letting them go is so very hard. You did the right thing for your kitty.
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Bless his little heart

Hoggie run free across Rainbow Bridge, because all your new friends are there at the other side waiting for you to take you home

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Letting your boy go when you knew his body had endured enough, is one of the bravest and most loving acts you could do for him. His spirit can soar now over the Bridge.


Run free Hoggie.
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Condolences on your loss of Hoggie. Bless you for having the courage to allow him to be released from any more discomfort, and letting him go to a better place where he is healthy and playing happily again.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Poor little Hoggie was so young! It was a kindness to let him go, and end his suffering.

Rest in peace, Hoggie!
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I am sorry for your loss of Hoggie

R.I.P Sweet Hoggie,Play happily at the bridge til you meet again.
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss.

Enjoy your perfect health at Rainbow Bridge Hoggie.
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