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Helping Cats 2006-Grant

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The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust has launched a special project that is aimed specifically at helping feral and domestic cats.

The Trust, as well as considering the grant applications that it normally receives from around the world each year, is in addition this year inviting cat rescue and care organisations under "Helping Cats 2006" to submit projects for consideration that if funded and implemented, will make a real difference to the welfare and protection of feral or domestic cats. Applicants will also need to show that they have the necessary experience, expertise and organisational skills and enthusiasm to deliver a successful project.

If you have such a project in mind and believe your organisation/group has the necessary skills and commitment to make it a success then the Marchig Trust would like to hear from you.

An application form should be presented in duplicate (in English) to the address shown on the form and if possible, in a typed format. Two copies of your latest accounts will also be required.

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oh wow Katie - what a wonderful opportunity this could be for a group/organisation out there!
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