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lip/skin infection question

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Hi everyone, I am new here but I am hoping to find some answers and I hope to stick around and see if I can help anyone out in return! So nice to meet you all. I have been lurking around here to see if I can't find a similar question and I don't think I have found any.

I used to be a vet tech and this has me stumped. I gave my boyfriend's mom a kitten which I adopted. She is full sister to my kitten. The kittens are 5 months old with medium to long hair. They were strays. Both of the kittens developed a bump on their lips, mine first, then hers. The bump was on the bottom lip right under the nose. Their lips are black in color anyway so I could not distinguish if the bump was red or not. The bumps did not feel very hot and the one on my kitten grew large but did not rupture. It cleared up on its own.

Her sister recently developed the same bump in the same place. They are often in contact for "play dates". Hers is large right now with no apparant "head" like a pimple. There are no other bumps/lumps/anything anywhere else on the face. I do not think it's feline acne and I do not think it's rodent ulcer. I thought maybe it was a tooth issue but since they both developed it I am wondering if it was something they passed from one another.

The even more confusing part is before the second kitten developed her lip bump, she developed a straight line down the back of her hind leg of missing hair with what I was told were no scabs just a perfectly straight 5 inch line of missing hair. When I visited the kitten last week, this line became wider and along the borders of the line where the hair is, it feels and appears pink and scabby. It is not red and aggrivated nor is it pussy or weepy. It is completely dry. She eats, plays, and grooms normally. She does not appear depressed. She is happy and active. They both eat iams kitten food with the occasional treat. Otherwise kitten number 2's coat and skin is healthy, her coat is shiny and healthy. I looked her over and found no other sites of scabby/missing hair areas on any other part of her body. My kitten (kitten #1) has not developed this skin issue. I was wondering if the 2 conditions are related maybe spreading bacteria from the lip to the leg while grooming or vice versa? Kitten #2's lip bump is apparantly larger today. She is going to the vet on Friday but I was just wondering about this as well in case my kitten develops this since she is often in contact with her sister.

Thank you so much for reading, and any advice is greatly appreciated!
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You say it is not feline acne...are you sure? Are they drinking and eating out of stainless or ceramic bowls that are disinfected (or run through the dishwasher) daily?
It does sound perplexing...glad there is a vet check scheduled.

P.S. Welcome to TCS. Always nice to have a lurker show themselves! LOL!
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The lip bumps and and the leg sound like eosinophilic granuloma complex to me. Are they both eating the same food? It's thought to be caused by allergies. It's probably just a coincidence that both would develop rodent ulcers at once, but the lip and the leg on your boyfriend's mom's cat make me think EGC., i.e., a rodent ulcer & plaque.
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