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The Halloween thread

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Ok, there's lots of Halloween stuff popping up, so this is the official Halloween thread!!!

What have you got planned, and what have you already done?

Halloween really isn't big in Australia, and this is my first Halloween in the US so I'm soooooo excited!!! I'm just a big kid, and love decorating, so this is so cool for me!

So on the weekend I bought fake spiderwebs, creatures to put in the spiderwebs, and a pumpkin carving kit. I'll put the web and creatures up in my cube, and we'll have the pumpkin on our front doorstep.

I have a few questions for the more seasoned halloween experts:

When can I carve my pumpkin and put it out? Can I do it weeks in advance, or should I wait for a few days before halloween? How long will a real pumpkin last when carved?

Do kids generally come trick or treating? Is that only on the night of halloween or can we expect kids coming around the evenings of the weekend before?

Do people have halloween parties? Can I come to yours?
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I love halloween!!!!

So far Ive decorated with Window clings and orange lights, purple skelatons and fake spider webs and spiders. Along with things to cover the windows which are of black cats and bats!

I also decorated my work and am sooo not finished!

I plan on dressing up and going out to water street ( the big pary bar scene here). I am going to be my mom in 1986. Dressing up in a black mini skirt/fish nets/black pumps, ratted hair and lots of eye liner. and the topping on the cake: a leather jacket with frindgies! But i also want to be something more scary.
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Ohhhhh! a halloween thread! I'm so excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday (even more than Christmas...shhhh....don't tell anyone)
As far as pumpkins go - you can carve them weeks in advance, but it tends to depend on the weather. If it's warm in October, than they will rot a little faster. We do ours about 2 weeks before Halloween.
As for trick-or-treaters, only on the night of halloween. None will show up before hand (at least they never have for me). Make sure if you are planning on handing out candy on Halloween night that you leave your outside light on. Kids only go to houses with lights on outside. It's like a common rule. Those who aren't home or don't have treats/candy leave their lights off. It's kind of like an "international signal"
One thing to keep you eye on though is Cabbage night. This is the night before halloween (the 30th). It's known to be a "troublemakers" night. In other words - if you're on anyones list of folks they don't like - expect toilet paper hanging from your trees and eggs on the side of your house. Usually it's just kids running around causing trouble, but depending on where you live, it's probably a good idea to stay home that night just to keep an eye on things.
As for decorations - I"m uploading a couple of pics to share from last year. We go all out on Halloween!
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I've gotten all of my fall/halloween stuff up and decorated I just love this time of year - hopefully I'll get some more stuff soon to decorate with. I still have to get a few pumpkins!

I usually don't go out on Halloween (partying and such), with this being a college town, there are way too many drunks out and about

John's step sister usually comes by to show us her costume though!
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Here's a few pics to get you in the Halloween mood!
These were taken last year. We decorated outside as well, but like an idiot I never took pictures outside.

These were our pumpkins we carved. The pumpkins were lit on our front steps, but I did some editing and changed the background a bit for something else I was working on.

And last but not least - these are my psychotic little kids. This wasn't last years picture, but I thought is was the best suited to get us in the mood.

Can't wait to decorate this year! Bringing out the decorations this weekend!
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This Halloween my family and I are going to Las Vegas for a Halloween Party my aunt is having. I imagine it is going to be fun...Halloween in Las Vegas!!

Then one of my good friends gets to come too.

I am being a pink fairy for Halloween,because that is the theme for my aunt,my mom, my other aunt, and my aunt's friend. (We are all being fairies, last year they were all punk rocker people)
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Hubby and I are going to a big costume party at a club in Hollywood. I'm going as Sarah in the ballroom dream sequence in the movie Labyrinth, and Brian is going as Randall from the movie Time Bandits.

I'll post pics of our costumes after Halloween!
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My bf asked me what i had planned for halloween, i told him since i never celebrated it before i really dont know what to do, anyway i told him that i will dress up! then he goes, Nah... Don't dress up i just want to scare you!
Because his whole family has been to america before and his dad has a few american collegues, his mum actually decorates the house a bit, but nothing compared like the americans.
This year though they got a huge section of halloween stuff in the stores! so if i have some money i might splurge for my new apartment!

When i was 13, and living in Melbourne AUstralia, i had two of my best friends over. We decided it would be funny to go trico treating, so we covered our faces with red lipstic and red make up powder, then cover our hair with toilet paper and bodies with toilet paper! we went and knocked every door of my street and said
TRICKO TREATS! most of my neighbours laughed because we didnt celebrate it in Australia, one guy was really rude and said "we are not in america" and slammed the door in our face but that didnt ruin our night
We had 3 bags and they were all filled with goodies! it was so much fun!
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