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Anyanka Update

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Could this be comfortable???

Same pose, different day...

Pouting because I'm making her wear and get used to her harness. That face is classic. Wish I had pics of her outside chasing moths on her leash. She LOVED that part!

Guess who figured out that they are big enough to climb on top of the HIGH bookcase? And guess who promptly moved the bowl of pennies to a non kitty accessible location? Of course I had to snap this funny pic first.

And its now her favorite spot. (She's showing off her pretty pink soft claws. Only one clear one left to shed before we're ALL pink! )

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Oh what a sweetheart!!!
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
Could this be comfortable???

I would need a chiropractor if I even attempted that!
But it looks SOOOOO comfy
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Awwwwww she looks so beautiful
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She's getting SO big and very beautiful
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Anyanka is such a lovely girl. Cats can get themselves into the strangest positions. They love it, though.
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I wish i could stretch out like that
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She is beautiful - its funny what they think is comfortable.

I have suddenly realised that this is why the boys make me contort myself to sleep - its not so they can be comfortable, they just think I should sleep like they doo - I should have worked this out a long time ago
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Thanks guys. She's my sweet little ragamuffin troublemaker.
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Awww... baby Anya is growing up! She is such a sweetie!
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