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potato soup??

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For the first time the other day while out I had potato soup! That is all I crave now. Does anyone have a good recipe for potato soup?
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Originally Posted by prncss89 View Post
For the first time the other day while out I had potato soup! That is all I crave now. Does anyone have a good recipe for potato soup?
Oh yeah!
I love tater soup!
Here's my recipe:

Cut up about 6-8 potatos. Bring them to a boil.
Take a cup of milk and mix a tlbs of flour (more or less for thickness you like) and mix together.
Add the flour/milk to the boiling potatos.
Boil for about 10 mins and take down to a simmer.
With a fork, mash a couple of the potatos up.
Let it simmer for another 10 mins or so and you're done!
I like to add a little cheese to mine.. soooooooo good...
Now I think I'll have to make me some for dinner tomorrow
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Yum, that sounds really good, I might have to make some of that tomorrow for lunch!
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Potato soup is my FAVORITE soup ever!! Especially at Tony Romas...Yumyum
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I love potato and leek soup. Saute about 1/2 a cooking onion (chopped) in butter just until clear, add chicken broth, chopped leaks (wash thoroughly as leaks can be sandy), cubed potatoes, pepper (no salt as the broth is usually salty. Simmer until potatoes and leeks are cooked. Put this mixture into a food processor and puree. Add cream (or milk) and voila - you have cream of potato and leak soup. This can be served hot (Potage Parmentier) or cold (Vichyssoise). Just before serving garnish with chopped chives or green onions.

I didn't give amounts but you can make as much or as little as you like as long as your mixture looks like soup you have enough broth and veggies - just adjust the onion to a smaller amount.

Also, when you puree the mixture you won't need a thickener.
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Thanks for that Yosemite! I have something to cook and eat for winter!
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You have to remember to add some cheese!!!
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I saute some onion in a little bit of oil just until translucent add chopped potatoes, peppers and a bay leaf. Cover with chicken broth. Once the potatoes are tender I smoosh some of the potatoes to thicken the broth but keep some chunks because I like them. At this point I can freeze it or chill it and put in the fridge. When I want some soup I take out enough that I am going to eat at that time and add some cream. I just like the cream to be freshly heated plus the base soup will last longer. Then I add whatever I want and what I have on hand in it. My husband loves for me to add some diced hotdog. I like a little ham and chedder cheese. I have been know to add a handful of peas as well as ham in. Potatoes are just a great ingredient that can marry well with other things.

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