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Alaska Breeders

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I am having a difficult time finding breeders in Alaska. Is anyone a breeder in Alaska or Ship to Alaska or; perhaps, knows a list of RECENT breeders. I found several lists that were outdated. I am looking at Turkish Vans, Bengels and Norweigian Forest cats. Thank you!
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Sorry, wish I could be of more help, but the only breeder I know in Alaska breeds Siamese and Snowshoes.
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Do you have information for those breeders?
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I've found this website to be full of breeder info...maybe it can help?

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Our charming master and mistress, Samwise and Molly, came from the Caravanserai Turkish Van Cattery, in San Antonio, Texas. Their breeder, Pat Chapman, ships internationally, and since you are not quite "in a foreign land" way up there, Alaska should be no problem.

You can take a look at Pat's web site here, and you can see two of her beautiful graduates who honor our home with their presence by clicking on their links in our siggy.

Best of luck on your search. You will not go wrong if you choose to adopt one of this beautiful, intelligent and gifted breed.
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Why not do a search for WA state breeders of those breeds?
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When I was at the airport picking up Smudge, there was a lady waiting for a Ragdoll from Alaska...
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there's a Rex cattery up here, but they're definately not a turkish van... :o) i briefly looked for a breeder for Vans here, but with no avail a couple months ago. i'm gonna watch this post b/c turkish vans are my favorite!
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Did you check for any Canadian breeders? They would be closer to you then the states would.
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