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I think Nugent has blood in urine :(

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Last night while I was in the bathroom and petting Nugie and I saw a couple spots of liquid on the floor with spots of blood in them. The first thing I did was check my feet since I often have little wounds I don't notice till I see the blood on something. For once it wasn't me.

I then rolled Nugie over and checked his four paws to see if he had hurt himself and his paws were all clear. While I had him rolled over and was puzzling over which cat might be hurt while rubbing his belly I noticed what seemed to be a little red and wetness down near his penis. I grabbed a wipe and sure enough, it wasn't the lighting or my imagination. Nugie had a little blood on his fur.

I cleaned him off and didn't see any wounds so I am guessing he has blood in his urine. I have to drop him off at the vet tomorrow morning so they can check him out.

Do crystals in the urine cause bleeding? I told them I thought that may be his problem, but I was just guessing. I know he hasn't had much in the way of wet food lately because he didn't like me upgrading to a better quality food and I've not put food down and left it for any time because I can't let the kittens have any canned right now. They are on Purina EN for a while in hopes they will outgrow a sensitivity causing diarrhea.

I just know we will be coming home with prescription food for him and stern instructions for him to lose weight. Nugent is my only porker kitty. He wasn't small when he showed up at my house and he has plowed through food like he might miss the next week of meals, (and I'm talking about the canned food).

At any rate, my question is.... could it be crystals in his urine that causes bleeding?
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Yes crystals do cause blood in the urine, that is often the first thing someone will notice.
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Thanks Denice!

I had to run right after I posted or I would have acknowledged earlier.
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Any updates Trudy?
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Thanks for the inquiry Natalie,

Poor old Nugie has been to the vet and we just got back a short while ago.

It is a urinary infection, but not crystals. He got an antibiotic shot today with a course of Orbax to take for the next two weeks.

They said what's left of his teeth are pretty bad and they will have to do something about those in the near future after he is over this infection. It seems that his gums are infected and that may be how he ended up with the infection by transference when cleaning himself.

I told them we will get the teeth taken care of, but not till after the girls are spayed. That is something I won't wait on and they should both be plenty big enough by the middle of next month after their last booster.

I am considering us fortunate that I found this before bigger problems developed. He hasn't presented any improper urination problems and I really don't think he will since he's on the antibiotics.

Nugie had nine teeth removed a couple years ago and it looks like he may end up totally toothless before this is all done, but as they said, it doesn't look to have effected his eating. Of course he is overweight and they encouraged me to try and help him slim down a bit. I told the doc that I have Da Bird and of course all the cats love it....BUT....
when Nugie gets in position to play, he lays down and just rolls back and forth on his back trying to get it.

I really am going to have to work on getting him a little more active and if I must, start feeding everyone with mealtimes rather than free feed. He weighs 16.8 lbs. and I think he probably shouldn't be over 10 to 12 tops.

Maybe I can just put some grazing food up on top of the cat playpen. I don't think he could/would go up there and Sassy goes up there fairly often. She loves climbing those bars.

I know I have to work something out for Nugent's good so I can't just put it off anymore.

I stopped to drop a glucometer off for my daughter who was just diagnosed with diabetes because she is on the way to the vets office. She said those cats sure do keep you busy. I told her, "of course they do, they are my new kids".

So, take care of my little kiddies I will do whether they like me for it or not.
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