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Mark and I have just bought our first house together and move in just over 3 weeks.
I have packed a few kitchen things up before now, and thought I was well ahead of myself
Tonight I started on the drawers in the desk. I thought it would be simple. No such luck.
Has anybody got any idea how we accumulated so much junk? Do people sneak into your house while you are out and put things in your cupboards and drawers without you knowing?
So far I have packed 1 half box. The rest is spread over the bedroom floor being kicked around by 2 very amused pussy cats.
I wish I had never started. I want to crawl into the new space under the bed and hide and never be found. Unless it's by a cat who wants to snuggle of course, as long as they don't tell anybody where I am
Is it just me or is moving house hard work?
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I did my drawers the other day
What i did was get a folder, section it off, all important documents went there letters, bills ect.. then i got a cute box and chucked in all the cards i got from people and am now using it as a memory box, my bin was so full with useless paper and letters
Now my draws are empty but i still see letters/paper flying around the whole room!
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I find it really hard to throw cards away I have parted with a few tonight though as Mark would freak if he knew I'd kept them all.
I am going to have to do a little every night and thats fact unfortunately. I thought I could do it all later, and Mark keeps saying 'oh we have loads of time' but he has no idea the amount of stuff we have.
Plus I'm doing this alone as he is at his Mums during the week. I'm going to have to pack a few boxes at a time and then store them at my Mums, or Marks Mums as I am going to have no room to move before long.
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THis is why i got a cute box and put all of my cards in it! Ive done this ever since i was 13
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Moving sucks! We were amazed at how much junk we had accumulated too. Honest to goodness, we probably filled one full dumpster at our apartment complex with all of the stuff we threw out, and then we also donated a full car-load (PT Cruiser, so not a small car). And we still have too much stuff!
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my tape has ran out so I am stuck with stuff everywhere and no boxes to put it in as the boxes are all flattened out.
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They say that moving is one of the most stressful things that happen in our lives!
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I am starting to believe that is true, what with mortgage stresses and the ordeal of packing.
I just spoke to Mark and he said 'theres no rush remember' ok then whatever you say
I told him to wait until he sees it this weekend and he won't be saying that anymore.
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I've moved three times in the past few years and each time we "clean out" a bunch of stuff. When we moved out of our last apartment, I can't count how many trips we made to Goodwill! We've become very good at distinguishing between "wants" and "needs." lol!!
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Packing SUCKS!! I always find that you think it won't take as long as it ends up taking...then your all frantic on the last day!!
Good luck Lauren...I would help you if I was in your country..too bad I'm stuck here NOT packing instead
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Oh the joys of packing!

I've now managed to pack about 12 boxes and it really doesn't seem to have dented it!

I was getting quotes for removals yesterday and read on their website that an average two bedroom property should take between 3-4 hours to completely pack! I've been packing for days!
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
I was getting quotes for removals yesterday and read on their website that an average two bedroom property should take between 3-4 hours to completely pack!
I don't know what planet they're on

Mind you, at least you have time to pack - I had to pack up the entire contents of a 1 bed flat overnight when I was flooded earlier in the year. I had hardly any boxes and no help whatsoever - nightmare! When I moved back in everything had a place and was in storage boxes etc. and I thought it would be dead easy to pack up again if/when I moved. However, everything seems to have replicated and I now feel I have twice as much stuff as then despite not having bought much
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I know!! That's what I thought!

Do they just want you to fling things into boxes?!

Oh gosh, I don't envy you having to pack up over night! Isn't it amazing though how things seem to breed when you live somewhere for a while? I'm sure everything in our house doubled!
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3-4 hours?! What planet are they on? I took 3 hours to sort out 3 drawers! Now I've started it I just want to get home from work and get stuck in, obviously picking up some tape on my way home
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I thought I'd run out of tape yesterday, but luckily I had a secret stock in one of my art boxes!
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Well, my house is crammed with packed boxes so i'm just ready to move, so roll on the 20th to get these contracts exchanged
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Because i dont have many boxes, i am transporting alot of my things with my huge ikea bags!
My furniture is going to be moved at the end of the month, I made a deal with my dads movers so my dad doesnt have to pay for my move, his work does
So this means everything i own that are in boxes, or suitcases have to be moved by that date!
I am moving some boxes over today and finish the lounge room off!
Hopefully the kitchen has its cupboards up this weekend so i can store all the cutlery stuff and then reuse the boxes for more things here
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It takes so long to pack up because amoungst all the stuff you've accumulated (or little people who come in and dump it while you weren't looking) is treasured memories. Every card you pick up, you read... right? Every letter, you read. A little momento... you think back to why/when/how you got it.

When we immigrated from South Africa to England 4 years ago, it took me just a little over a month to pack my 1 room/bathroom/kitchen room thingie that I was living in at the time... I cried over what I had to throw away, anguished over what I was going to keep and moved a million miles away from all i've ever known with 1 suitcase!!! My entire life was safely packed away in 1 case!

When I recently moved into my own flat with my boyfriend that 1 suitcase had become 1 suitcase, 10 boxes, an ikea bag or two and my "memory box"... that is what I remember most about that day... my mom said to me, " remember girlie, you moved in with 1 suitcase and every memory you had and look at you today!? A few more memories but alot more wisdom"
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Oh you are so right. I read every single card last night, and looked at every single picture I have received from my 5 year old sister, and of course I couldn't throw any of those away.
I'm going to be ruthless when it comes to my clothes though.
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The joys of moving! i hate packing with a passion! So much so that when I moved into my house and out of my parents house My mom woke up one morning and packed all my stuff and called me to come get it! I was living out of both houses!
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Brandi, do you think your Mum would come and pack all my stuff up?
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If she could clean too then I bet she would!My mom is a neat freak so all your clothes would be organized by color and things lke that!!
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Oh definately! She can come to the house when we arrive and help clean and unpack too!
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As long as I get to come visit too!
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Even better!
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Ooooh packing! We closed on our house the end of June but I still had 3 months left on my apartment and we couldn't move in right away anyway. It took a while to pack everything and towards the end it got really hard- I would wander around looking for something that would fit in that empty spot I had in the box I was working on... just wandering around like "hmmm what can I fit in here!?"

Even worse- Chad & I weren't living together yet so he had to pack his own stuff- he did a HORRIBLE job!! Every box had the most random things in it and he didn't go through and purge all the garbage and things he didn't need- just moved it all to the new house! So then when I unpacked I had to have a garbage bag right there with me- I threw away candy wrappers, receipts that the print had worn off of, and all kinds of crap!

One thing I did that I was glad I thought of- to pack up my fragiles I wrapped them in seasonal clothes I wasn't wearing at the time rather than bubble wrap or newspaper- I had a lot less garbage when I was unpacking plus less clothes to move all at once!

Good luck- just wait until you have to start UNpacking everything!
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