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small kits...need advice

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i have 3 11 week old kits and only one eats wet food,they all eat go-cat and cat milk ive tried all sorts of wet,am useing Authers presently,same,only one eats it,and shes the smallest.though they are all small for there age,mom stopped nursing when they were 9 weeks old.ive even put down freshly cooked chicken and fish but they try to bury it...should i fret????
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Can try condensed milk with baby rice cereal just need a dish big enough for all there heads add some cereal then add some warm water mix and the add the milk so its creamy just add more water if its to thick it will help them add on the weight they need
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really? condensed milk is high in lactose though surely. it will give them the runs?
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We have never had any problems with it as long as we add the water in we have kittens that are 9 weeks and we started them on that around 5 weeks so at that time they had mommas milk and the cereal and they are fine happy healthy and full of energy
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If you decide how to try it here is how we do it

dish or bowls up to you

put some baby rice cereal in and add warm water or boiling water from the teapot so its soupy like and stir that all together then add alittle of the milk and mix it will be a creamy white when its all said in done.

Vets also say you can do it with the kmr but the condensed milk is cheaper and sweeter which makes it more tastey and more appealing to the little guys
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I wouldn't advise giving them sweetened cow milk. Firstly the sugar isn't good for them and secondly your kitty may be lactose intolerant (most kitties are) and get diarrhea very bad which then can cause dehydration. If you can get the KMR or cat milk that would be much better. Some cats are fine with cow milk but they are in the minority.

You could try some baby food (meat without onions and garlic) and heat it just a bit to enhance the smell and try feeding that to them. You could put some on your fingers at first and let them lick it off to get them started.
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