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One of my cats has come down with a serious case of sneezing. It started about 4 days ago with just a few sneezes, but has progressed. As of last night, she must have sneezed about 25 times in an hour. And its LOUD. But no coughing.

No other symptoms, eating and using litter box fine as far as I can tell. No runny eyes or nose, and seems to be acting ok.

Should I be concerned? I have a vet appt on Aug 16, but I dont' want to wait if it could be serious.

Thanks gals.
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With the kind of weather we have been having lately I wouldn't be to concerned unless she starts exhibiting other symptoms. One of our girls is doing the same thing. Since you've an appt. in 15 days I think it'd be safe to wait and watch, but again, I wouldn't worry.
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I would move up my appointment to one day this week. It would be very uncomfortable for your cat to have such frequent sneezing bouts and there are things the vet can offer to relieve it. Allergies could be the cause, as well as could an upper respiratory infection. If the latter, it is possible your cat has a fever and/or may need antibiotics. There could be something lodged in the nasal tract, which can cause frequent bouts of sneezing. Sometimes asthma can cause sneezing. Interestingly, dental disease can cause sneezing. There are other things also. See http://www.vetinfo.com/csneeze.html#...ng%20in%20cats

Sneezing 25 times in one hour is not something mild in my opinion, especially if it has been building up over a period of days, even if the eventual diagnose is not serious. I would want to find some relief for my cat so he/she could eat, drink, breathe and sleep in an undisturbed and uninterrupted manner.
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Thanks Ken, I think its probably just allergies since she has no other symptoms.

GalesGranny, thanks for the link also. I think maybe when I said 25 times in one hour that gave the wrong impression. She has a bout of sneezing ( like a lot in one small time frame ) but then doesn't sneeze again for like 12 hours. Her eating and sleeping are not being interrupted, and she seems comfortable.

Thanks again for your input from both of you.
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I did misunderstand how much the sneezing was happening, but it still is not usual for a cat to sneeze so much. Even if it is allergies, they can be uncomfortable to the cat and there are medications the cat could take temporarily. One of my cats is on meds for allergies as well as for asthma. He just started on meds for the allergies due to having developed sneezing bouts, and the sneezing is now gone. We will try weaning him off the allergy meds after pollen season is over to see how he does. Also, some of the possible causes of sneezing don't have other symptoms that can be noticed by general observation. So, it might not be allergies. I like to take my cats in to the vets promptly when something doesn't seem quite right, so I personally would have the appointment moved up to a sooner date. I always feel it is better to be safe than sorry. The one time I did hold off taking one of my cats to the vet thinking it likely wasn't anything much, was the time it turned out my cat was near death and would have been dead if I waited just two more days. Not that I think your cat is in that situation, but to illustrate why I don't like to hold off taking the cats to the vet.
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Thank you Galesgranny, I have taken your comments under consideration.
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This is soooooo weird! A friend of mine has a cat with that exact same name! pretty kewl.


Your welcome!
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Thanks, I'll ask the vet next week about allergies.
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