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root canal problems?

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I had a root canal done lower left, on 09/13. For two weeks I had incredible pain and throbbing. Went to an oral surgeon at the endodontist's recommendation because he is certain (after an exam) the pain had nothing to do with the root canal. duh??? So the oral guy gave me steroids and antibiotics for the infection under the(x-rayed) new root canal. I told the endodontist and he just doesn't believe it. He will not entertain the idea that my extended pain and my root canal can be related. He suggested the steroids are masking the REAL problem. He even asked if I grind my teeth at night? NOOO I don't.
Anyway, things have been much better since 9/29 when I went to oral doctor, but I do still have some pain. Three previous root canals were no problem. Anyone have an extended recuperation from one? Is the lower jaw more vulnerable? When can I expect to be pain free?
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I'm afraid I don't have much I can tell you. I got one done on the lower left on 9/19. It's my first one. Before the RC, I was having pain when biting. Once the endontist drilled into the tooth, he said there was a lot of inflammation, so he decided to leave the yellow antiobiotic stuff in there and not fill it with the goo stuff (don't know what it's called) for a few more weeks. So they put in a temp filling. Now I'm having more pain when biting than before. Can't even chew on that side! At least before I could chew as long as it wasn't really hard foods for a long time. I called them and they said it's probably nothing, but they're going to have a look at it tomorrow. I sure hope the tooth isn't going to be like this for life.
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Sending pain free vibes your way... I had some but mine was just a filling that needing sanding ...
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if i get a tooth ache i tell them to pull it,that way itll never hurt again and wont cost me mega-money,ive had 3 pulled in 6 years.i would never have root-canal treatment as i have a low pain thresh-hold.(fortunately they where all from the back).
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I also had one done with a lot of inflammation and he put some meds in there and a temp filling and then a proper filling 2-3 weeks later when he was sure the infection was gone.

My boss had root canal done last Monday and is still in pain and has to take a nice cocktail of meds
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Oooh, I do not envy you...sending lots of healing vibes your way..Tooth pain SUCKS!!
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Well I saw the root canal specialist this morning. He said he thinks there might be some infection in the bone, so I'm on penecillin for a week. If it still hurts in 2 weeks, I'm supposed to let them know. If the penecillin doesn't work, I might have to go ahead and get it filled, but he's really wanting to wait.
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Purr paws, did he say how he thinks infection got into your bone? Is it right uner the rootcanal?
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I feel bad for you....I have had a few root canals....they SUCK. And I have alot of sensativity so I always get Percocets for the pain....I don't know what to tell you except I feel for ya!!! (oh, and GO EAGLES!?!?!? )
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Maybe he didn't get the whole nerve. I've had two and basically they take the pain away post canal. You must have some sorta infection.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Purr paws, did he say how he thinks infection got into your bone? Is it right uner the rootcanal?
He didn't say. Luckily, it isn't pain all the time, just when I eat. And it's gotten better since Monday, but still worse than pre-root canal. If there's no root how can it still be tender! Aggghhhh! If they didn't get it all, it won't be hard to go in and dig some more; I still have my temp filling. But he used a special microscope to make sure he got it all.

The root canal itself wasn't bad, and I didn't have any pain, just tenderness when it was finished. Then the tenderness got better, then worse again, now a bit better, but always worse than before the root canal.

Hopefully the penecillin can clear things up!
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My guy used the microscope too. It is the new state of the art gadget for endotontists. Maybe it doesn't do as great a job as they think. actually, my pain is subsiding a little. My pain isn't from biting on it, it starts throbbing as soon as it is time for another IBprofen. But I think the pain is becoming less. I have followup with theoral surgeon tomorrow. see what he thinks now.
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Like I said I didn't really get any pain afterwards. My jaw was a bit sore for a few days, but I think that could be as much from the numbing shots as the RC. I described it as feeling like my jaw got a tetanus shot. I didn't need any pain meds, though. I got a little worried because he sent me home with a rx for some narcotics, so I'm thinking Uh oh, am I going to be in pain later? But I was fine.
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I've had two root canals and one apicoectomy on the same tooth: I have just not inherited good teeth, it seems, my father has always had horrible teeth problems despite consistent good dental hygiene and all that fun stuff. Flossing, brushing, cleanings: you name it, we do it, and our teeth are still falling apart!

I didn't have a whole lot of pain with my 2 root canals but the apicoectomy was pure misery! I'd say you need to get another opinion--it's possible they missed part of the root, especially with lower teeth and back molars there can be a few little hidden "mini" roots that are hard to find. Call your regular dentist and ask them to recommend an endodontist that specializes in difficult cases: that's what I've always had to do! My tooth is so weird my first endo in FL uses it as an example case at conferences and such, and it's been published!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05 View Post
I've had two root canals and one apicoectomy on the same tooth:
What's an apicoectomy?
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