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I read all the coughing threads...BUT

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I need some more help.

Note: Yes, I will call and take her to the vet. Reading the other coughing posts just has me worried, perhaps more so than warrants, and want some more input please

In the last few weeks, Smidge has started coughing now and then, maybe 1-2 times a week. It is a *cough-cough*, then it is over and pretty loud (like, as loud as a cough I, a human, would make). I have lived with cats my entire life and have never heard a cat cough EVER.

She is 2 years old, an only cat, indoor only, fixed. Has always been healthy and gets her vacs every year. I've had her 18 mns or so, never a cough before. The cough reminds me of what I sound like when I have a popcorn kernal stuck in my throat and make that raspy sound but can't really get it out of the way.

Her hairball "coughs" arent really coughs, so i can't compare it to that. I read some posts re: asthma and that really scared me and would also like more info on symptoms and how it started and whatnot.

She may have an URI of course, but wondered - can they get that even if they have contact with no other cats? She was getting over a URI when I got her, but she only sneezed a lot and spread a lot of mucus around, but never coughed.

She is eating/drinking/playing/sleeping as usual...very peppy and sweet.

Thank you.
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Asthma attacks (in my cat) were a terrifying 'wheezing' sound exactly like that made by a squeak toy when you step on it. The cat sits with her legs under her (the meatloaf position) and her neck stretched waaaay out, and heaves as she wheezes.

Yours does not sound like asthma, so her URI may have returned. Good luck with the vet and may this illness pass quickly.
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Oh Gizmo - that sounds really scary!
She will do that neck outstretch thing at times...but only when she's got a hairball coming up.

I read your many asthma posts...very informative!

Do URIs always need to be treated? (like with antiobiotics?) Or they go away on their own?

Do cats ever just cough 'because' like people do?
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Your cough sounds a lot like my Rambo's cough (if you search his name you'll find the topics). He had blisters in the back of his throat/esophagus that would make him cough (kind of like a sore throat for us). At there worse they made him gag when he swallowed. They ended up treating him with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories (throat swelled so much he whistled when he breathed - but his lungs were fine).

Hope your kitty feels better, and i'm glad you are taking her to the vet!
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I'm happy to say that Gizmo's asthma has been much less severe since i got air filters and vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum (though not often enough.) She has had one mild attack in the past two months and she has not made any strange noises while breathing in some time.
I hope that your cat gets over the cough, but the vet will know for sure what causes it.
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