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Vibes for my General Health!!!

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I am fallin' apart over here!

Some of you may remember I had an apicoectomy surgery done on one of my teeth this summer: I've previously had two root canals done on this tooth over the past 10 years or so, and the apicoectomy was the "last hope" to avoid having an implant put in. Well, the gum above the tooth is now puffy and seems to be the beginnings of an abcess which is not a good sign. I'm calling my endodontist today to make an appt-- vibes that whatever had to be done, it can be done with minimal pain and expense and I won't have to be missing a front tooth for very long! They'll give me a retainer with a fake tooth to wear during the implant process, if we have to do that. I've already had one implant done and it was basically sheer misery, so I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

Also, right now I have a sinus infection. I have chronic sinusitis, and the sinus infection prior to this, my ENT doctor said I should seriously consider having the sinus surgery done where they basically vacuum everything out of there. Not fun. I'm going in for a consult for that soon, too.

AND, the third problem: I've developed an osteophyte (bone spur) on my right pointer finger right where it meets my palm. It's nothing major, but it does cause me some discomfort and will eventually need to be removed. Yesterday I was gripping a heavy grocery bag in that hand and it sent shooting pain up my whole arm. Not good. I've known its there for awhile, and it seems like perhaps the time has come to have it removed, which is an outpatient thing but they're still digging down and taking off part of the bone.

Also, most osteophytes on this joint are found on little old ladies with arthritis. Turns out I have arthritis, already, in my hands and this particular joint is in bad shape.

I'm 25 years old!!!!!!!

And, while we're on the health vibes, a friend of mine, 26 years old, was just diagnosed with cataracts in both of his eyes, and he has no health insurance: he's an artist. He and I are quite a pair with his cataracts and my arthritis, we should start hanging out at the Early Bird Buffet and wearing those big blu-blocker sunglasses.

SO, vibes, vibes, vibes.
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OMG...I'm sorry to hear about both of your problems. What a bummer. Well, I'm sending lots and lots of feel better and cheer up vibes for you both. Hang in there
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Tons of vibes for your young ailing body to right itself quickly with little to no effort from you and little to know $$$ from your wallet!!
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I'm sending tons of vibes your way!!!
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Sending vibes to you{{{}}}
My mom had arthritis in her hands some fingers are pretty bad and her doc said my sis and I probably will get it too.
I had bone spurs removed from my big toe back in 1998. It went ok but now other problems have developed. Don't let this go to long without surgery. My podiatrist broke it off with a special little hammer (and showed me!!). I should have had this taken care of waaay before I did.
One of my SIL's has chronic sinus problems and had her sinus's cleaned out and it went ok. I think its a 2-3 day recovery (at least) for that procedure.
Vibes to your friend too. {{{}}}}
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