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Dexter is ill/prayers please

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I got up this morning and Dexter was not his usual self.
I noticed that he was breathing hard.
He was rushed to his vet as an emergency.

It could be an asthma attack...
he had one when he was 7 weeks old but has been clear since then.

He is having a chest x-ray, blood work, urine etc & his doctor will call me in a couple of hours with a probable diagnoses and treatment plan.
Best case senaro....asthma.
Worse case....possible heart problem.

Please....pray, send vibes and positive thoughts for my precious Dexter.
I should have a call from his vet when the x-rays are done.
His labs will be sent out.

My beautiful Dexter is sick.
I am really scared.
Sadie is meowing for him.
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Oh sweet Dexter get better soon your mommy and sissy need you!!!
We will be praying for your sweet boy!!!
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Now Dexter..no misbehaving allowed! You are very loved and very important...get better soon (and hopefully this is not anything too serious).
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Lei, you have many, many, thoughts, prayers and vibes heading from my house to yours.
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My Sadie sends heartfelt hugs to you and your babies. We hope that it is nothing serious with Dexter and that his vet has good news for you.
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Lei, you have all the best Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading from us

Sweet Dexter, please feel better soon! Your Meowmy and Sadie are worried about you and want you full of health and back home with them soon!

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Oh no! Poor Dexter Sending lots of good health vibes to Dexter and calming vibes to you.
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Thinking of Dexter.
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Lei, I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that it's nothing serious. Jamie is also sending Dexter
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Ohh baby Dexter get well soon ... Your mommy and sissy miss you ...
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Poor baby. Get better vibes from me and the Tuxie TwoSome!!!
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Dexter's doctor just called...
The x-rays show that he probably is having an asthma attack.
His heart looks OK....
That is a huge relief.

He is being treated with oxygen, a steroid injection and antibiotics because the x-rays showed some bronchial infiltrates.
I think that means a bacterial infection.
He will be at the hospital for a few more hours while he is stabilized then I can bring by boy home.

His doctor will call me tomorrow morning with his blood panel & urinalysis results.

Please keep your thoughts, prayers & positive vibes coming.
It's times like this when I realize how important TCS is to us.
Thank you everyone for responding so quickly...
I'll keep you updated.
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Thank goodness - here's hoping it was "only" the asthma.
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I hope Dexter continues to improve!
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Dexter! Don't scare your meowmy like that!

I hope that Dexter's test results show nothing tomorrow! Let us know how he's doing when he gets home...
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
I hope Dexter continues to improve!
We're so very happy to hear it wasn't a heart condition! Feel better soon Dexter.
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I am supposed to call the hosp at noon PDT to see when I can pick up Dexter.
Sadie continues to pace and meow.
They are litter mates and are never apart.
I have never seen anything like her behavior right now.
She is frantic.
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I'm so pleased to hear that Dexter is on the mend! Fingers crossed that his tests come back with happy results

Sending continued speedy recovery, get ready to come home }}}VIBES{{{ to Dexter

Calming }}}VIBES{{{ on the way to you and Sadie

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Poor Sadie

I'm glad your vet was able to check on Dexter so quickly and get back to you with the results right away.
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Heres sending continued vibes to you, Dexter and Sadie, too . I hope everything turns out fine. Thank goodness it wasnt heart problems.
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Healing headbuts and get well quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I just talked to the vet's tech.

I can pick Dexter up at 2PM.
His breathing is slowing down but is still fairly rapid.
They are now thinking it is not asthma but some kind of lung infection or irritation.

I asked again about possible heart failure and was told his heart looked good and sounds OK.

I will keep you updated.
Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.
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I am sure him being home with you and Sadie will make him feel better as well.
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Poor Dexter! Feel better soon!
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Many vibes and prayers for sweet Dexter's quick recovery, and for calm for his Mom and sister.
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Sadie & I feel whole again...
Dexter is home.

He has had a lot of medications which I will list tomorrow.
His doctor showed me his x-rays and by the way he responded to the asthma meds that is now his tentative diagnosis.

When we get his urine & blood results tomorrow, if all goes well, they said then they can rule our anything else that might be contributing to the problem.
Right now....it all looks hopeful.

Your support means the world to me.
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I will keep my fingers crossed for him, and I bet you are glad to have him back.
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Oh, Dexter! Welcome home, fella! Glad you're feeling a little better, and I hope you'll be 100% real soon. Give your Mum and sister a good cuddle!
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Welcome home Dexter!!...sending many healing prayers and vibes
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Dexter, so glad your home with mommy and sissy!!! You keep getting better, it's not nice to worry everyone!!!!
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