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an interesting conversation

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I was talking on the phone to my mum today and the subject of cats came up, as she is moving here and she had a cat, a friend that is coming with her to live in her new house has a kitten, and because I will be moving in also with my 4 cats, of course we started talking about 6 cats living together, lol.

Anyway, my mum started questioning about why I have so many cats, and I said to her it was because if they didnt have me, they would be dead. She went on to say if that was to happen why didn't I just put them in the pound, by then I was too shocked to be angry, I said because if nobody wants them they will just get shot, and she disagreed, thinking the local council here would pay whatever the amount it is (which is alot) to put them down, I said No, thats riduculous, they shoot the poor dogs, they'd do the same to the cats, she then said sure they would shoot the dogs but not the cats, and I said well, if they don't do that then I dont want to know what they do.

Before she could say anything else I said its like this:

My cats would be dead if it wasnt for me, I saved them all from certain death, I didn't go out looking for those cats, they were sent to me, and they were for a reason. When they came to me it was a matter of life or death and for me it was never a choice, it was always life, I always chose life and I always will. I don't care how much they cost, I don't care if send me broke, because they are always worth it. I would do anything for them, I would risk my life for them, I will give them everything. Those cats are like my children, I love them more than life itself, they are my heart and my soul and I don't care if people think its stupid or i'm crazy. Every day in they're own kitty way they show me they're love and appreciation - Heidy drools on me every day, Monty is forever sticking his claws into me, Ozkar is always talking to me (meowing), and Sable gives me kisses. And if they aren't welcome in your house then neither am I, because I am not going anywhere without them.

I also told her what they're vet told me just the other, she is a wonderful woman, I went in asking about prices of cat worming tablets and she said to me that she wishes people took such wonderful care of they're pets as I do. I was nearly in tears, it made my day.

My mother then changed the subject.
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My stepfather is like that. It's just the generation in which they were raised.
My stepdad loves animals, but he just doesn't understand the complete devotion.
My mother on the other hand is an animal lover and feels exactly as I do.
Sometimes I feel terrible for her that she can't have any animals, I know she misses the dog and cat very, very much.
Even if we can't change the older generation's ways, we can at least hope to make them understand ours.
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Gotta love those conversations...I've had them with my mom too.

You've done an absolutely wonderful thing taking in these babies, and nobody should ever question that that was the right thing to do. My mom questionned why I was volunteering to foster kittens...and I said well if I don't take them in they would end up dead. She said: well why does it have to be you doing it, it's not your problem. I said: well if everyone had that attitude no one would ever do any volunteer work. She had no response to that.

It's tough when people say things like that. Just come onto TCS, we are all behind you 100%!
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aww thankyou so much, I feel so much better

Yeah, I found it very hard to understand her way of thinking, and you are right, I know she loves animals, she just doesnt know devotion. But she can't help that, and when she gets out here I might just have to show her my ways, lol.

But thats whats so good about TCS, you guys don't think i'm mad!
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