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would you leave them alone?

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Hi All,
I will be leaving my 2 1/2 year old and 12 week old kitten for 8 nights, the longest I've been away from them. The 12 week old is a fairly new addition to the family (only had him 3 weeks). I usually have a cat sitter come in for my older girl twice a day, But I'm wondering whether its a bad Idea to leave them at home together unsupervised with someone comming in only twice a day. They get along pretty well and like to nap with each other, but the little guy sometimes really drives her nuts with his playfulness. My concern with leaving them would be him hurting himself (although we will kitten proof as much as possible) or him driving her crazy. On the other hand, maybe they would be happier in their own house with each others company. Basically, I have three options and I'm trying to decide which is best: 1. Have the cat sitter come and leave them out 2. Drive them to my mothers 2 hours away and leave them together but with more supervision, or 3. Boarding them both in separate boarding rooms. What would be the Least Stressful (and safest) way to go? thanks!
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I wouldn't. That's a really long time to leave them alone for such a long period of time. A lot can happen in 8 hours while you are at work, more can happen in a 23 hour period times 8 days.

Some years ago I had a beautiful cat named Gem. I came home from work one day to find her dead It seems she got onto a counter and was seeking the warmth behind the fridge and she ended up wedged in the back of the grill and suffocated

If you can't have a sitter come in and stay with them, or don't have anyone you can take them too, spend the money and have them borded. I could save a great deal of heartache.
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Take them to your mothers. That way you know they will be safe and will get attention everyday. My kitty is almost 7 mos and I know he would be so lonely if I left him for that long.
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I have left my cats for this time period. I would have a friend stop over every other day!!! She would feed, water and pet the cats. I never had any problems. We have one cat who is really shy so having her in a different housing situtation would not work for her. My sister leaves her cats for this time period once/yr and has someone stop and check on the cats but her senior is having some health problems so this Christmas she is driving here with both cats!!
When I have left the cats for a longer time I shut off the rooms I don't want them in and "catproof" the house.
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I don't think I'd leave my babies....I just don't think I could....I feel bad even doing anything on the weekends, cause I think that is their quality time with Mommy.... sick, I know....
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I think the cat sitter option is the best, but did you say let them out? You don't mean outside do you? I would never do that, not being home. they might not return when the catsitter wants to leave. Do you have a friend to spend a few nights? I think they would be ok with a twice a day catsitter, but no going outside.
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I think it's better for a cat to be in its own environment than in a new scary one... the latter is traumatic. Since there are two of them to keep each other company, and you're having a sitter come in, they'll probably be just fine.
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If the cat-sitter or a friend could stay over a few of the nights (or all of them if possible), would that work?

I go away on business a lot and a young colleague at work moves into my apartment whilst I'm away to look after my cat. I think the best option is a junior at work - they're less likely to have committments of their own and less likely to let you down or be irresponsible as their work-reputation is at stake!

Just remember to hide anything that might damage your reputation at work!
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If you have someone checking on them twice a day, you should be fine. Just be sure that before the sitter leaves she knows where each cat is and they are fine.
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