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What an outstanding tribute/memorial to a beautiful creature.

Makes me tearful, again, looking at those and I didn't even know him.

Thank you so much for sharing him.

Condolences and blessings to you and yours.

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It is a beautiful memorial to a very special little guy. I got teary all over again when I followed your link. Through your posts and stories, I feel like I know at least some of your babies, and Shredder worked his way into my heart even from afar. I can't imagine how much you, Mike and the rest of your furry family must miss him. (((((HUGS))))))
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What a beautiful cat! I could see in his face what a character he was. He not only will be missed by his 4-legged and 2-legged family in Oregon, but will also be missed by his virtual family here at The Cat Site.

You and Mike are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hissy, Shredder was a truly beautiful cat, and his pages are a fitting tribute to him. I viewed the pictures with a mixture of sadness at his passing, by also delight because he looked such a darling little kitty.

I do hope the pain for all of you begins to diminish soon.
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What a great rememberance od Shredder... he was loved indeed. Healing energy to you and yours.
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Hissy! What a great website you have set up for Shredder!! The pictures are just awesome, he was such a beautiful cat!! My favorite pictures are the one of him as a kitten, on the couch, with his paws up by his little face, and the one where you are bottle feeding him!

He has such personality in his face!

Thank you for sharing this with us!

My thoughts and prayers are still with you and Mike.

We love you!
And anytime you need us, we are here.
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I'm sorry I didn't get to post earlier. I'm sorry for your loss and hope in time the pain will subside..
Shredder looked like a spunky cat and I bet right now he's creating all sorts of wonderful mischief at the bridge, waiting for you.
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Hissy, those are beautiful pictures. I love the ones of him with the dog, too cute. I know it is hard, but you gave him 4 years of love and happiness that he might not have had otherwise. Debby is right, his personality shows in those pictures.

My condolences.
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Thank you for sharing those pictures of Shredder with us.
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Oh my!

Shredder was the Cutest.Kitten.Ever.

Thank you for sharing those with us.
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Mary Anne,

I am so sorry for your loss, and as I read everyone's posts, I could literally feel the compassion flowing from here. I believe everyone has said everything that can be said at a time like this. My heart goes out to you and Mike and fellow kitties. Shredder was definately a doll and....a very well loved one indeed. To have all those photos to cherish forever is a wonderful gift in itself.

All I can say now is: Another star is born.

(Whenever I've lost someone I loved dearly, I would sneak outside in the dark and gaze at the sky. No doubt, one star would always shine brighter than the others and catch my attention. It then became "the star" of that certain person. Perhaps, one night, when you are ready, maybe you should gaze up into the sky...Shredder may just have a special "twinkle" just for you.)

I know to some, this may seem corny but trust me,...it has helped me through quite a few difficult losses.

Sending hugs out your way.
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What incredible eyes. Thank you for sharing his pictures with us. Don't know if this will be of any comfort at all or not, but you had advice for me each time I posted a question about what to do and how to help "our" feral family. You walked me through adopting first one of the kitties, and then the introduction of his brother. Shredder looks exactly like what you would get if your mixed Laz and Shelly together. Exactly. He has Lazlo's colors and almost exactly Shelly's markings. They will make me think of Shredder every day.
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P.S. Every one in this thread has had such beautiful things to say. But Whiser's Mom, that is really touching, and I'll never look at the sky the same again. Somehow, I think, it will be even more beautiful than it already is. I expect it will help many of us in a way we've never had before. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for your compliment Laurie.

Honest: It is the most comforting thing in the world. A peacful sky and millions of "angels" to look up at.

If it even brings comfort to one person, it was worth sharing.
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I hope, like you do, it brings some comfort to Hissy and Mike, too.
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I agree, that was beautiful!! The stars will hold new meaning when I look at them now, and think of my loved ones! Thanks! I am sure Shredder has his own special star up there, too!
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you

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