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Holding my breath and keeping everything crossed for you and Shredder. Such good news that he came for a cuddle though! And what an excellent idea, your journal! I do that every kittening, and it really helps.

to Shredder and a gentle (((((hug))))) for you Hissy. Sending you all the healing and strengthening thoughts I can muster,

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Hissy...This is the first chance I have had to getg online since Thursday night....I was gone all day yesterday, and planned on checking in here to see how he was after I got home, but we had company that stayed till midnight last night. I was so exhausted and only got out of bed about an hour ago.

I am still praying for Shredder....is there any more news? How did he do through the night last night? If there is another thread about him, and I haven't seen it, I apologize...this is the first thread I looked at when I just now got online. I wanted to know how the little guy was doing.

You and he have been through so much these past few days....I sure hope he makes it through!!!! I hope and pray he is feeling better today!!! *HUGS*

Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!!
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OMG! I just saw this and I am sending all the cat prayers I can! All of my cats are hoping for the best too!!!!!!
Hissy, strange thing for you, could something be wrong with his throat? maybe that is why he is growling and purring?
just a thought. Update us please when you can.
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Oh please Oh please Oh please let it simply be some sort of sprain or bruise to his throat that just takes some time for healing!

We continue to send love, hope and prayers your way.

Glad to hear he wants snuggles - that has to be a good sign!

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I called Hissy tonight to see how Shredder was doing. Hissy wanted me to let you all know that her server is down, so she is without a computer until sometime tomorrow, but Shredder is holding his own right now, and Hissy is continuing to give him medicine, and she will give you more details herself tomorrow when she is able to get back online. She didn't want you all to worry, since she hasn't been around all day, and we were all wondering how he was.

Keep praying for him!!
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I'm so glad Shredder is improving! I'll look forward to Hissy's next post, and pray that Shredder is completely recovered.
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I just read all these posts. MY PRAYERS are with you Hissy and Shredder. My kitties are sending kisses his way.
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Still hoping and praying for his recovery.
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I have bad news.

Hissy left a message on my machine this morning....Shredder didn't make it through the night. I guess God decided to take one of his little angels home to be with him over the bridge.

I could hear how hurt MaryAnne was in her voice. She didn't want me to call her back, because she didn't think she could talk about it just yet, she is pretty torn apart about it. She wanted me to let you all know, and to thank you for all your support, concern, and prayers. She said she really appreciated it.

She still has no internet, but when she does, I am sure she will come on and talk to us about it, and post something in the Crossing the Bridge forums.

Please say a prayer for Hissy during this hard time. She did all she could for Shredder, and loved him very much.
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Poor Shredder and poor Hissy!!!
It's sad news, but at least Shredder is no longer suffering!
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I am so sorry, hissy. I know you did everything in your power to help Shredder, and I know he had (and still has) a special place in your heart. Big cyber hugs from me.
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I know that we cannot possible fathom your heartache, but we are mourning with you. It's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.
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Hissy, I am so sorry to hear of Shredder's passing... you both fought so hard. Not that it's much consolation right now, but I often think that it isn't the length of time that you share, it's the amount of love you expend during it that really matters. It's so clear that Shedder was well-loved and loved you in return... in a sense, that's the most we can ask of any life.

Our sympathies to you and yours.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Shredder didn't make it You did everything you could possibly do....... You have my condolences.
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Hissy-I was just about to add my wishes for shredder to get well, since I have been on vacation this past week, until I saw the post by Debby that he has gone over the rainbow bridge. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We are all here for you. I almost cried when I found out that he is gone. Stay strong and remember all the good times that you and Shredder had together.
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I'm crying as I write this. It is amazing how involved we can get emotionally with this extended world of furbabies. The hurt and pain is almost the same is if we lost one of our own.

I agree - at least Shredder is no longer in pain. But I have no words of comfort. It hurts, and I'm sure that especially for MaryAnne and Mike there will always be an ache - especially for such a special kitty.

Shredder: We're sure you have your kitty wings, and there are many people missing you down here!!! Thanks for bringing what you did into all of our lives, and especially those of MaryAnne and Mike.

Our love and tears and thoughts and hugs.

Laurie & Hubby
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Tears for Shredder and for Hissy. So very sorry! It's not much consolation now, but later, Hissy, you may be comforted to remember that you did your utmost for him, and that he was surrounded by love to the end.

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I'm so sorry Hissy to hear about your loss. Shredder will always be with you.

My prayers are with you.
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Hissy, I am so sorry Shredder didn't make it. I know how badly you wanted that miracle to happen. I'm sure he's in a better place now, and no longer suffering.
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I am so sorry to hear of Shredder's passing. My heart goes out to you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Shredder's fight is over with and I am so very sorry that you bear the pain of his passing. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Come and talk to us when you can and feel up to it.
For Shredder
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Hissy, I'm so sorry. That's the only bad thing about pets - we tend to outlive them.
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I'm so sorry about Shredder. It is so hard to lose such a loved member of the family. You can console yourself with knowing that you gave him a great home and lots of love, which I know he returned. At least he is no longer in pain. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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The first thing I did this morning at work was log onto the site to hear the news. And how awfully sad. Poor Shredder and poor Hissy and Mike. I'm so sorry it all went so downhill.

I was just reading the thread of posts and it was really weird. I read the thread where Hissy said Shredder gave her a hug and I kind of knew then that Shred was saying 'thanks and goodbye'. This was beore I even saw Debbie's post.

The poor baby is now relieved of his pain, and that is the ONLY consolation to this tragedy.
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I add my condolences to those of the group. I've no idea how hard this must be. Take respite in the fact you gave Shredder so much comfort and love and he apparently understood.

God bless you, Mike and all the rest.

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I know there are just no words I could say that would give you comfort, but I wanted to let you know that I care and have been thinking about you and yours all weekend. I guess someone up there needed him for a very special job Hugs to you ((((()))))
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Hissy - I know there are no words that can ease the pain you are in - but in time the good memories will outway the pain and a smile when thinking about him will replace tears. My heart is heavy and there is a knot in my throat as I am writing this - you are very luck to have known such a precious furbaby.

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Like many others, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I was hoping for that miracle, too. I am so sorry that Shredder didn't make it. You did everything humanly possible for him, and most important you loved him all you could. He knew both, and loved you and your family as much as he could. He wasn't with you nearly long enough, but the time you had together was precious and well spent.

My love and hugs to you and Mike. We are all mourning with you.
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Hissy, I am keeping you and Mike in my thoughts and prayers to help you thru this loss. All I can do is offer my support, as I know that nothing can really help easy the pain so close to this tragedy. Shredder is now standing watch over you.
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For your optimism, your prayers, your good wishes and thoughts. For emails I know were sent, but are somehow hosed up in our system and unable to be retrieved. For the candles that burned to light Shred's way.

Cats are so adept at masking and hiding their pain, and towards the end, it was evident that Shred was tired of the masquerade and simply wanted it to end. The growling and yowling intensified to a crescendo right before silence finally set in.

He was rescued from a diseased colony over 4 years ago and immediately laid on my chest. He died on my chest Sunday morning while I slept. Other than that words fail me. God must of wanted him more than we did.

I set up a page of pics of him, and invite you to share and celebrate his life by viewing them. Everytime Mike and I see a roll of toilet paper, we will remember all the times we had to take them away from this little scamp. We will remember, hopefully one day in the future without tears, all the mishaps and mischief he was so adept in getting used to. My clan is quieter these days, they also feel his loss. His brother misses him so. Thank you for pulling for him. He was a very special guy.

I hope this link works as it is a new photo site I am using. God Bless all of you for helping me keep this vigil and helping me keep it together. I think all you have to do is click on a picture to start it. His adult pictures are first, his kitten pictures are at the end. He was forever a kitten in his heart and that is how I will remember him.

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