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I am soooo sorry to hear this. I will keep you both in my prayers and send some strength your way.

It is definately understandable that this must be something very hard to go through. It's just like when your child is sick, you'd give anything to ease their pain amd not see them suffer.

Does the pain pill help at all? Can your vet give you some more to help ease poor Shredder's pain?

Sending prayers and angel hugs your way.
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Oh Lord, Hissy. Is there anything you can do? Can you take him back to the vet for scans/tests/anything that might make the poor little mite better or, God forbid, relieve him of his suffering?

I'm sorry it's all gone so pear-shaped for Shredder. I'll keep him in my thoughts for the rest of the afternoon.

Keep strong.
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Oh, Hissy! Hang in there! I know you're doing everything you can. I can't even begin to imagine what you're experiencing. You're a saint! I hope help/relief comes so soon.

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Oh Hissy, I was hoping for sure that you'd have good news for all of us when you signed in this morning. I hope they are able to figure out whats wrong with him and treat him. Seeing him in pain must be horrible for you. Please keep us updated on what is happening with your furbaby.
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Basically when I left the vets yesterday I was told that either he was going to get better, or he was going do die. The vet told me that he could die with them (in a cage and probably alone) or he could die with me. I chose to take him home. I didn't mention the "D" word yesterday here on the board because I had been praying and hoping that he would be that one cat that had the reserve to pull through this and I didn't want to jinx that. But last night, it has become increasingly clear to me that whatever did happen to him, is stronger that what his body is capable of overcoming. Please know this, I will not let him needlessly suffer. I have been on this path many times, it is not a pleasant path to be on but because of what I do, it has become a part of my life. I will know when it is time and I will act then. Until then, there is always hope, there is always prayers that might intercede into reality. I am hoping that this is one miracle that God might figure out He can do. When I rescued Shredder and his brother Kabota from a disease infested colony, they were near dead. They fought right along with us and grew and thrived and dove deep in our hearts. I am hoping that fight is still strong within Shredder. When it dims, I will let him go. It is the only thing I can do, he has been throught countless stresses in the last few days with vet visits. He has been poked and prodded and violated. They have done all they can humanely do. Now is his time to rest with those who love him and will continue to do so and will continue to fight with him for all the time that is alloted us.
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At least Shredder doesn't have the added stress of being locked up in a cage at a veterinary clinic being tended by strangers. Since you're so capable, it must be making it a little bit easier for him to be at home where he feels the most comfortable and secure.
I know it's really hard for you to see him continue to go through so much suffering when you're doing everything you can to help him.
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OPPS!!! I didn't see your last post, Hissy.
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Sending gentle hugs and good thoughts to Hissy and Shredder
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At least he is with someone who loves him! I am still praying for a miracle.
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Don't know you personally and don't know Shredder, but you both seem to have tremendous strength. I only wish my tears of sorrow could help ease Shredder's pain.

So sorry. Sending lots of love and prayers.

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Just got off the phone with the vet. Blood work shows anemia indicating a bleed somewhere. They want to redo the hemocrit and are sending me an iron supplement for him. Thankfully, his creatinine and liver functions are showing normal.
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That is good news that his liver and kidneys are ok. I'm glad to hear that there is a bit of light.

Maybe that miracle you mentioned earlier will come true for you.
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Hissy - I'll be signing off soon for the weekend. I'd just like to say I will spare a thought for you and your poor babe during the weekend. I'll say a quite prayer in the hope that a recovery occurs.

I do sincerely hope that when I sign back on on Monday, there will be good news.

As Laurie says, although I too don't know you or Shredder I think it's safe to say we are all sharing your pain and willing little Shredder to pull through.

All the best.
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Hissy, is there any possibility that poor Shredder was stepped on by one of the horses and injured internally as a result?????
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Hissy, I just want you to know that I'm still praying for little Shredder. A good vet can work wonders with God's help. Thank the Lord you have one who cares. Bless Shredder. Kiss him for us.
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I would bet that my horses didn't step or kick on him, but the neighbors horses might have. My cats are in and out of my horse's feet all the time and the horses are really good about it. I am running now to take Shred to the vet for more blood work- oy vey this vet bill is going to sting a bit. I asked about a hole in the stomach because of his distress and growling when he eats but the vet couldn't shed any light on it other than to say that if there was a hole in the stomach, shred would be much sicker than he is showing on the bloodwork results. Gosh, am I even making sense? lack of sleep is catching up to me. Gotta run now will be back on later.........thanks all of you for the kind words, the pm's the prayers the emails, cards. You are all so overwhelming, it is nice to have you on the side of goodness and love.

Poor Shred-Head, let's hope this is the last vet visit for him for quite awhile.
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I'm hoping, too, that Shredder will be ok! How is he today?
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I'm so sad for you, Mike, and Shredder. I hope the little guy pulls through this. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
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OMG - I just keep thinking about the poor baby I have prayed and asked for the special healing for the precious boy.....

are watching over him. Hey I got to the website I always have trouble with to get this smily - this has to be a good sign!!!!!!
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Hissy... just caught up with the thread... healing energies to you all and maximum strength for Shredder...
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The vet just called and Mike is on his way home with Shredder. Dr. Mike wants him on a 24 hour watch with vitals taken every 2 hours. While they have been gone (I was supposed to be resting) I went upstairs and moved all the furniture and took heavy blanket and hung them over the drapes and blocked out all available light. Shredder will now have a nice pitch black cave where he can rest and hopefully regenerate the cells he needs to come back to us. He was given a vitamin shot, and his temp is still low, but Dr. Mike said this is not normal, but looking at the anemia it is a part of the symptoms working towards the cure. With the body not getting enough blood or losing some of it, then the core temp will drop.

Anyway, that's the update. When I think of how awful Shredder looked in the wee hours of the morning, I KNOW the prayers and energies of all of you have worked for this little guy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I also spoke to the vet and told him about my concern about the kidneys and what I was seeing last night, the flooded litterbox, the enormous amount of water being taken in and he said that based on what I saw, I drew the right conclusions, but thankfully being a right conclusion, it was the wrong answer. I'm long-winded I know, but I am tired and want to just get all this down before it flees my feeble-brain.
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Thanks, Hissy.

I hope you, Mike and Shredder can catch a little bit of a breath soon.

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Hissy, I join Helen in asking God to send administering angels to Shredder. I know angels are messengers, but I like to think of someone who's sick having guardian angels surrounding them. Maybe you could lie down in Shredder's dark room. I was wondering if he might have wandered into a yard with weed and feed or something else toxic and has washed it out of his system with all that water he drank. When I had a kidney infection, the doctor said to drink water by the gallons, and he said to take that literally. Animals have instinctive behaviors and "knowledge" that we don't seem to have. God bless him. We are holding our breath right along with you.
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I do hope that Shredder continues improving. We really appreciate you keeping us all informed, especially with everything on your mind, lack of sleep, etc. Both of you will continue getting our thoughts, prayers, and positive, healing energy. I am sure your little, furry angel has many angels watching over him, and I know you do as well.

Take care of both of you.
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Add me in, too! I'm hoping Shred will continue to improve each hour!
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I will be leaving work soon and just wanted to give you my support one more time. We are all here for you and will continue to pull for Shredder to recover by sending our good enery, thoughts and prayers. You are such a strong person and Shredder is so lucky to have you for his mommy
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OH, Hissy I am so sorry to hear about Shredder. I hope your cave works for him. Maybe if he can get some rest, he can keep up the fighting spirit. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayerss.
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The information posted here just comes off my journal that I keep anytime I have a situation arise where the cat is suffering from "NDW" *Not Doing Well* It helps me to write down everything I observe, or think about and I just transferred some of the information here to get more brains on the problem in the hopes that someone can help find an answer. I still cannot figure out why he growls so desperately when he eats? And so far, neither can anyone else. I have found that keeping this type of charts on sick kitty sometimes allows me to see things I would of missed otherwise, plus it gives me something to present to the vet for his comments. I have gone from fearing this could be rabies, to CRF, to death, to now a possibility that Shredder may kick this. I just went upstairs and he reached for me and crawled up my chest, so I picked him up as carefully as I could and he wrapped his paws around my neck and head-bumped me. I will be with him through this and I hope he emerges on the other side the same sweet soul he was before all this mess. Again, it helps to put it here, to have others read it, perhaps learn from it, and put their input out if they have any educated guesses. Thanks again, all of you.
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It's good to hear that he's getting the strength to give snuggles

Just throwing this out there, but can a cat get an ulcer or a hernia? I know stomach uclers can cause abdominal bleeding (in us) which is passed in the stool and depending on where the hernia is, blood may also pass in the stool and most tests don't easily conclude either. Just a thought. If cats get stomach ulers, it might explain why eating is so uncomfortable for him - which would explain the growling. I'm not trying to sound stupid, but you asked for our input and I thought I would give it a shot.
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Boy, you have had quite the awful couple of days. I am thankful that Shredder has the strength to give you some loving. That is a good sign. And also a definate sign of how much he loves and trusts you!
I hope and pray that he continues to improve in his 'cave of love' you made for him!
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