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Shredder has taken a turn for the worse

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On the way to the vets, would appreciate prayers. Will post again when I know more.
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Prayers speading on the way from Toronto! Get well Shredder!
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Poor little Shredder!!! Prayers are being sent for his recovery.
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Let us know what the vet finds out.

I'm sending him get healthy thoughts from Kentucky.
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Sending get well thoughts and prayers to Shredder
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Oh no! I hope he's ok. Positive energy coming to him from Colorado.
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Hope Shredder will be ok!:daisy:
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A prayer for Shredder. Bless him and make him well, please.
Keep us informed, Hissy. I hope he gets to destroy many more paper towels in his lifetime, and I know you'd be happy to buy him his own roll if he feels better.
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oh Hissy, I hope Shredder is ok. Good luck at the vets, and keep us posted.
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Oh no! Let us know as soon as you can, MA. Saying a special little prayer for Shredder.
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I am SO sorry to hear this!!! I had just read your other post in the daily thread, and thought maybe he was feeling a little better, but I am so sorry to hear this news!!!! How is he doing now?????? Is he still at the vets????? I am worried now. PLEASE let us know how he is!!! My prayers are going up for him right now!!!!!!!
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I am so sorry Shredder is not doing well. I am sending a get well prayer for him!
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His temperature was way subnormal. He won't eat even when force fed he barfed it up. The vet cannot find anything wrong other than a really sore back like he has been hit by a car or something. Bloodwork was taken, but vet warned me that his suspicions lie in te the area of involving either the kidneys or liver. They will call first thing tomorrow morning with the lab results.

The only time he is not crying, yowling or growling is when some part of him is touching some part of me. I have moved past the point of exhaustion and am bordering on tension fatigue. Please remember him in your thoughts and lets see if this board and it's members still retains some of that magic to get him through this. At this point, I just want answers. The vet says that the symptoms that Shred presents are all over the map as far as a firm diagnosis, that is why he suspects he was hit and has internal injuries of some kind.
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Oh, Hissy! I just read the posts. I hope Shredder is okay! I will be sending thoughts and prayers for him and you!
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I am so sorry! I am sending good thoughts, positive energy and prayers your way.
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oh no! I hope he recovers, poor baby. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Of course poor dear Shredder remians in my prayers. I am so very sorry Hissy. You are both fighting so hard. Please try to get some rest.
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Oh Hissy...I am so sorry that Shredder is suffering so much. Is there not anything that can be given to him to help ease the pain a little bit?

I am sending mega prayers your way and hope for a speedy recovery for Shredder. And....a night of sleep for you. Take care of yourself. Shredder needs his mommy in top shape.
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Hissy, I'm so sorry the vet still isn't able to give you any definite answers and you and Shredder are both going through so much!!!!
Please continue to keep updating us.

I am still sending plenty of prayers and positive energery in Shredder's direction, and Snowball is also sending his special purrs and kittykisses. Try to get some rest tonight.
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Sending much love and strong healthy thoughts to poor little Shredder - and strength to you Hissy! Waiting anxiously for news,

Esme and her Pride of Furbabies
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Sending prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Hoping for the best.
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I am also anxious to hear the results the vet has from the tests tomorrow. I will be leaving early in the morning and won't be back until later in the evening, but I will check in then to see what you have found out, and how he is doing. I will be thinking good thoughts for him and you, all day.
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Mary Anne, you know that you and Shredder are getting all the Board Magic possible. I've enlisted Ophelia, my little nurse, to send her kitty-feel-better vibes as well. You are both in my thoughts. I hope news comes quickly, and I dearly hope sweet Shredder recovers.
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Waiting with baited breath on the other side of the water to hear news of Shredder.

Prayers and love heading his way from me and my furry little ones.
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Sad news indeed. If anyone is capable of seeing Shredder thru this, it would be you.

Prayers for all.

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How terribly frustrating. You're both exhausted, poor things. Love and prayers for both of you and the whole family.
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Sending more get well thoughts and prayers for Shredder. I hope they can do something for him once they know what it is. Let us know, we're all worried about the two of you
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Hissy - we are sitting on pins and needles - how is the sweet boy???????????
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He is getting more and more withdrawn and listless. There is now blood in his stool. I just gave him his most favorite thing in the whole world a fresh roll of toilet paper, and he gave it barely a glance. It is looking more and more like he has something internally going on and it is beating him down. I will not be surprised to learn that his creatine and BUN levels are off the map. I have one more pain pill to give him and don't know if I should give it to him now or save it. He is growling and purring simoultaneously and I am sure he is in a great deal of pain. oh damn this is so hard.
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Mary Anne, I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't even imagine what you must be going through right now. Poor Shredder, I know you are doing everything you can to make him as comfortable as possible. My love goes out to both of you.
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