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Help aggressive cats!!!

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I have 2,4yr old female cats. I have had them since they were about 8wks. old and they are littermates. They have always gotten along very well and were always loving to one another. I had them spayed a month ago and things have gone downhill since. The first week after the surgery they hissed,growled and spit at each other but eventually it stopped. There was only the occasional hiss, spit and growl. HOWEVER, a week ago, they decided that they hate each other and are constantly brawling now. It is like a fight to the death. I must now keep them locked up seperately and they even try to fight through closed doors. I had one attacking the other one that was locked in the pet carrier. I have tried the squirt bottle routine, when they are brawling it doesn't work. I don't know what to do anymore. I am no longer getting much sleep and feel guilty for locking them up seperately. The cat that is not in the same room with me walks around crying and trying to get into the same room with me. This just prompts hissing and spitting. I don't know what to do and am looking for advice...please help me.
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Jackie: Newly (less than a year) spayed females have to adjust to hormone changes the same as women in menopause or who have to have a hysterectomy. Ask the Vet or clinic that did the spayng and they will prescribe a vitamin (mine was a liquid that I mixed on their food) this supplement will even out their tempers as well as improve their health and immune systems. It does not work an immediate miracle and takes about 3 to 5 days to get into their system and over time they will not have to take it every day. Let us know how the "girls" get along
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Cats are often hostile towards each other after one has been to the vet. Overnight stays are especially difficult and if both had the operation around the same time then the added stress must have been quite tough on them.

The thing is cats identify each other mainly by smell. The clinic's smell is different and one that is associated with unpleasant experiences. So, when one cat has a surgery and returns home, he will usually be greeted by hissing and spitting, regardless of the type of treatment he's had.

How bad things get depends on the specific cats' character and of the way we react to the hostilities. Shouting at the cats when they act like that or punishing them only makes matters worse.

You may have to re-introduce the cats to each other. That means seperating them in different rooms and letting them become accustomed to each other's smell by sniffing under the door. Only when both are not hostile to the smells, you can let them see each other.
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