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Daily Thread Oct 3 2006

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Our servers were down all morning and are finally back up! I was having withdrawls!! I feel better now and the day will go by much faster I am sure!! How is everyone else's Tuesday??
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Well, mine is pretty crappy. I am still at home, car troubles kept me from work today. ARGH!

But it is a nice day, so maybe I can at least be productive and get some stuff done for my move next week.
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I need to scrubb down the litter boxes today they are letting out a weird odour, so maybe its time to change the filter x_x
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My Tuesday is ok...........Just sitting here waiting for lunch........
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Ehh, I hate Tuesdays... Monday I usually have a ton of stuff that HAS to get done, huge load of emails, etc so the day goes by fast. By Wednesday I know the week is almost over, but on Tuesday I am always just blah.

Today I have a ton of stuff to get done, but I am so hungry right now all I can think about is lunch! After lunch I have to put together a rebate for two customers (which takes forever), write a few customer letters and finish up some reports that were on the back burner.

We have a huge customer coming into town next week, and I am frantically trying to arrange restaurant reservations which is really frusterating! I had a boat reserved for the first night (big thing) but then they decided to not bring their whole big visiting party and now the boat would look dumb with just 5 people eating on it, so we scratched that. So now I am racking my brain trying to find good restaurants close by!
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Well, my day started with me almost getting in trouble from my boss ...

A little background: The company I work for has many branches all over Ontario, and because we're a little backlogged right now, we have employees coming in to our facility from the other sites to help us out (we're the main warehouse). Because some of the out-of-towners can't drive, don't have access to a car or don't want to drive on highway 401 (not that I can blame them ... that highway is terrible!), we have a carpool that shuttles people around in the company vans.

So, I come in to work this morning, and my supervisor says to me "We need you to go pick up the people in [a city very far from where I live and work] and drive them back here, and then we need you to return them at the end of the day." I say no. The supervisor gets this really angry, surprised look on his face, as if he's never had anyone say no to him before, and don't I know anything about being a team player?!? He demands to know why, and the way he asks the question suggests that I had better have a pretty good answer if I want to keep working here. My response?

"Well, first off, I have no clue how to get to [the other city], but more importantly, I don't know how to drive!"

The scary thing is, for a brief moment there I think my supervisor was willing to overlook that little handicap ...
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Well... its my 1st day as officially being unemployed

I've been looking online for jobs since yesterday.... so I'm sending out 3 applications and resumes today.... hopefully something comes thru. I'm already going nuts!!

Hope everyone has a great day
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Morning all.
Tuesdays do stink huh? Oh well at least they give some a well needed break after the weekend! Me I get to go in and hear all about how I didn't go into work yesterday. I won't put up with that long. I'm tired of doing the managers job and mine and only getting paid for one.

Oh well on her. Today is beautiful. A little stuffy but better then cold and snowy! We actually turned on our A/C late night because it got so hot here. Our house inside was over 80 degrees with the doors opened! It didn't seem that hot but who knows?
Anyway Hope everyone is having a great day!
Babyharley remember, this is the time to deep clean your house and enjoy your kitties. When you get another job, you might not have time to do it, so why not do it now right?
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Well, mine is pretty crappy.

My computer is temporarily working again, until Aaron tries to work on it!

I spent the morning in the ER with my father. He is home and doing a bit better.

On the bright side, my niece Beth and I are going shopping later, and she is staying for dinner.... must go to the grocery store!

Have a great day!
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I am enjoying the unusual mild fall weather, might sit outside later this afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine!!
I planted 3 shrubs that have been sitting in pots all spring and summer!! This is around the recently cut down tree-had to saw of some the the old tree roots and did some weeding around that area too. I'm glad those are in the ground. The grass seed we planted about 2 1/2 weeks ago is coming along nicely too with this warm weather!!
Planning on leftovers for dinner and I need to make room in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:.

Have a good rest of the day!!
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