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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the forum and to cat owning. I just got a kitten, she is about 11 weeks old and her name is Vada. I like having her around and I feel bad when I have to leave her to go to work. When I am home, she seems to want all of my attention. It's hard to do any work at the computer without her jumping onto the desk ... any advice on that?

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Hi Mag and welcome to you and Vada to TCS! The only other thing I can think of at the moment is to get another kitten to keep her company. Shes a baby and full of kitten antics. It would also help her, while you are gone to work. Post some pics of Vada when you get the chance !
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Welcome to TCS! Pami is right, a second kitten always make a difference when the lonely one is bored.
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Welcome Vada and Mag,
and hope you'll love this forum and site as much as we do! We are 9 felines! all rescues, indoor-only and spayed/neutered, of course! Oh, and our humble servant, who was born with cats and has lived with cats all her life. Maybe we can help!

Vada is alone all day while her beloved is at work, so it's no wonder she is into everything and demanding attention when you get home and want to sit at the computer...all she wants is some love and attention, after all! If you can still type with her in your lap, that's the best of both worlds; if not, you could try just giving her a lot of love, stroking and talking to her, and maybe playing with her with a cat toy like "Da Bird" or one of the other interactive "wand" cat toys, easily purchased at "pet" supply stores or online (see this site for good places to go!) for awhile before going online, and then maybe taking a break or two to revisit playtime and give her more love and attention. OR, you may want to adopt a friend for her! Two cats keep one another company, and it also means two lives are saved! We love living in a multicat family, and wouldn't have it any other way...

GOOD LUCK, and again, WELCOME!
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I hear what you're all saying about getting a second kitten, but I don't have the space or the money to keep two kittens.

I could work on the computer with her sitting on my lap or on the desk ... if only she stood still but she doesn't!

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Hi Mag! Welcome to TCS from one Canadian to another!
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Hi Mag, and welcome to TCS! Welcome to little Vada as well

Kittens do get lonely when we're at work all day. Since you're not able to get her a friend, you're going to have to be creative Make sure you provide her with stimulation...lots of toys and interesting things to do while you're at work. For example, turn a large box upside down, and cut holes in it for a "playhouse"...things like that. When you come home, you're going to accept the fact that your little darling is going to command a lot your time and attention. She's going to want to play with you, be with you, meow at you, look at you! You're going to have to set aside some time when you get home just for her

If you have any questions about getting around the site, I'd be happy to help. Just click on my username in the upper left hand corner, and send me a private message
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you on the forums!
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Will they always be this needy? or do they get "calmer" as they get older? I have a friend who's cat is always doing her own thing ... she's never around much.

Besides, it's only been a couple of weeks, we both need to get used to eachother I guess. I'm enjoying her though, she's too cute!

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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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Hi Everyone!

Here's my Vada .... she's a cutie, but I need to get her to stop jumping up on the desk, it's not fun having her jump on the keyboard and scratching me up on the way.
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Oh my goodness she is so adorable !!! Shes just a baby ..... she will certainly calm down as she gets older. Make sure she has PLENTY of toys. My cats do come up on the desk when Im on the PC and usually walk right in front of me and the monitor to remind me they are still here ....I will love on them a bit and try to put them in my lap and if that doesnt work and they insist to be between me and the monitor, I usually take a break and go play with them for a bit and then direct their attention on a toy and that always works for me. She just needs you sometime.
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She's precious! My cat Megan demands my attention when I am at the desk on the computer, too. I have no idea why. She isn't like this constantly. I would consider another cat, too, if you have the room.

Welcome to TCS!
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Oh she's adorable
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aww......ww....shes such a cutie-pie

welcome to TCS, as you can tell its great here, with lots of advice, support and friendship !

For some reason kitties love to hang around computers how to keep them away is alway a difficult one ! Dino likes to be near me (he´s a real mummys boy) He loves to sit on one of my t-shirts, so I make a space on my desk so he can settle there and be out of the way ! But I think hes a lot older than Vada !
As already suggested, maybe you could have a toy on hand to throw on the floor (screwed up paper is great fun) maybe that will keep her distracted, I think you´ll just have to try a few thing until you find the best one

Good luck and enjoy the site..........oh and if you have time, pls post more photos

We LOVE photos here
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How Adorable!!!
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Hi there Mag we're so happy to welcome you and Vada to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Vada is such a gorgeous girl. She will calm down as she gets older, but that doesn't mean the computer will be yours again. I regularly use the laptop with a kitty covering half the keyboard
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Thank you all! Yes, I found a lot of great information around here .... I'll post some new pics of Vada as soon as I upload them.

She's getting better with the "jumping on the desk". Now she just jumps up and lies there lol and from time to time play with my fingers as I'm typing or paw at the monitor when se sees the cursor move back and forth ..

Tomorrow I'm going for her first shot .... I hope she handles it well.

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Hi Again:

BEST OF LUCK to you both! Maybe you can ask the vet about a "Kitten Pak" that is a comprehensive vaccination series at a reduced rate. A lot of vets offer these. Wishing adorable little Vada the BEST of health and a long, happy, and loved life with you!
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Okay, so today I took my kitten to the vet for HIS first shot ... that's right, she's a HE!! Which is okay, I still love him and will call him Vader from now on.

I had originally wanted a male cat anyways, b/c I wanted to to name it Vader to begin with ... so I guess I got my wish. I was just as happy with a Vada.

Anyways, that's it for now I guess.

Talk to you all soon.

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It just works out that way sometimes! My "elder statesman", Nicolas T. Cat, was such a runty little thing when he first showed up that I gave him a girl's name and thought he was a she! Our wonderful doc soon cleared THAT up...

Glad you wanted a boycat in the first place! Vader, eh? CUTE!!! (I've always been a fan of Darth...)
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