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Their house boat sank- vibes needed

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There is a family (mother, father, two little girls) who lived on a house boat at the dock where Bradley's company docks their boats. The parents sold fish in the local fish market and were barely getting by (financially) to begin with.
Well, yesterday morning, their house boat sank and they lost EVERYTHING, all of their worldly possessions. Everyone is safe, thank God, but the family doesn't know where to go now. We had some boxes of dishes, pots & pans, sheets, towels, etc. that we were going to give to Goodwill, but Bradley is taking them to this family instead.
Please, if you have any prayers/vibes that you could spare for this family, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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sometimes this world doesnt make sense does it?

loads of vibes coming from this side of the world
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That's awful Dan is right.... things like this just don't make any sense. I am sending lots of vibes out to this family.
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That is so sad.
Lots of hopeful vibes are going out to this family that their community comes together to help them.
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Sending many prayers and vibes to this family {{ }}
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Sending lots of vibes to this family
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Is there some sort of an address, or more info about them? I have a TON of clothes I am getting ready to give to goodwill, and little girls clothes too (barely worn I might add).....see if you can get their ages or an address or website....I'd be willing to ship some things to them.
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Oh Amy
I will keep this poor family in my thoughts. I hope more people like you will rally round to help them build their world back up.
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Thanks for the kind words and vibes y'all- I know this family would be very thankful for your kind thoughts
LuckyGirl- I will find out about where stuff can be mailed to. There is a bar/restaurant on the dock that is sort of taking them in, so I'd guess things can be mailed there but I will have Bradley find out for you. Thank you SO MUCH for offering your clothes (esp. the little girls' clothes!)- that is very generous of you and I know the family would appreciate it greatly!
From what I can tell, people are rallying behind them. The girls' elementary school immediately started a fundraiser/clothing drive as soon as they found out about it yesterday, so I hope it is a success! I just hope they are able to get another houseboat so they can preserve the way of life that they love.
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Oh my Amy, what a shame.........the poor family! Tons of good vibes coming from my way to them!
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Oh that's terrible!

I'm sure with everyone working together, they will be able to get back on their feet soon!

Many }}}VIBES{{{ on their way
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Oh Amy, thats horrible - sending many prayers their way
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YIKES! not a good way to wrap up the year! I hope everyone gives a little and that they get back on their feet quickly. ((((vibes))))
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