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Jenny I'm so sorry. RIP Napoleon.
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Sobbing headbuts and tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We are so very, very sorry.
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Jenny, don't do this to yourself. You could not know this would happen to your boy. Life is full of risks, and he got unlucky. But not before he got VERY lucky, in finding you -- and in so doing, finding a happy, loving home. Jenny, please be gentle with yourself. You have done only good for this sweet boy -- he knows it and is watching over you -- he will be sad if he sees you beating on yourself.

RIP Sweet Napoleon
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Jenny, my heart is breaking for you over the loss of your sweet, beautiful boy. Please don't blame yourself. You gave Napoleon and Wellington a second chance and so much love. That's what important. My thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Napoleon, play happily and watch over your mom with love.
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Jenny, I am so sorry. I was heartbroken to see this thread.

May that sweetheart Napoleon rest in peace and be free of pain.
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You are in my thoughts and prayers today. I grieve you loss, and want to do something for you to make the pain go away. You have one of the kindest hearts and gentlest souls when it comes to cats, and all who have met you know that. I know there is nothing that I can say to make this better, but I know that Napoleon and my Hobbes are playing together. One day you will see him again, of this I am sure.
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I don't know what to say at times like these, so just remember this is not your fault, and many people around the globe loved Napoleon and are praying for him.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of Napoleon. Hopefully, he and my sweet Sophie can cross the Bridge side by side. My very deepest condolences.
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I am so sorry you lost Napoleon. He was a beautiful cat. I lost Max last year to sudden kidney failure. We never knew what happened to cause it. It is hard to lose one of our beloved cats, and it is so tragic when it is without warning. Hugs to you. I pray your memories will bring you peace. Don't let yourself feel guilty. You loved him and gave him a wonderful life. God bless.
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Jenny, I'm terribly sorry to hear of this. My prayers are being sent to you at this difficult time

RIP Napoleon
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*hugs* for you and Napolean. I'm so sorry for your loss
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Jenny like Fran said, life is full of risks and sadly Napoleon was there at the wrong time This has nothing to do with you taking all the kitts to France to start a new life with you. You had their best interests at heart doing the move when you think about the place they lived in before

Now come on, because Napoleon won't want to see you sad like this because he knows that he'll be seeing you again one day plus you have to keep your strength up for the other babies, especially Wellington

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Napoleon

RIP Sweet Angel
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I feel so horrible!
I just saw these threads now

RIP Napoleon! You didnt deserve this death!

My kitties died with rat poisoning too a few years of them, 11 of them died in one night

Jenny, please dont blame your self, god decided that it was napoleons time to go.
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My heart goes out to you Jenny and your fur family. *hugs*

Run free Napoleon.
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Dearest Jenny,
I know that you already know this but I think that a quick reminder might help....

If you could go back in time, you might make different decisions about certain issues in your life but remember,
one of the hardest things that we fallible humans must realized is that it that is impossible for us to know the unintended consequences of each decision that we make.
We do the best we can with the information that we have...

As you grieve for the loss of your beloved boy,
try to remember that part of that process is sorting out the inevitable feelings of guilt, which we all have when we lose a loved one.

You did the best you could for Napoleon.
Please be easy on yourself...
Your kitties need their Mommy.
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
You opened your home and gave Napoleon and Wellington a second chance at life. Because of YOU Napoleon was able to feel love and happiness. Please don't feel like there was anything else you could have done or continue feeling as though you betrayed him, because you didn't, not for one second. You brought him a lifetime of joy while he was with you.
Napoleon will always be with you, Jenny. He holds a special place in your heart and will remain there forever.
Exactly my sentiments. RIP, Napoleon, and keep watch over your Mum, brother Wellington, and your sisters.
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I'm sorry for your loss Jenny, I had really hoped for a better ending. RIP sweet Napoleon, you will be missed
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Jenny, I'm so sorry for your loss.

You are in my thoughts. RIP sweet Napoleon.
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I am so very sorry to hear this, I didn't expect this. I do hope that in time you can stop feeling guilty, as none of this is truly your fault, you gave them a chance that they might not have had otherwise, and that truly was a wonderful thing. Big hugs to you.
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Oh Jenny - I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say. I didn't think I would be reading this news about sweet little Napoleon. He may not have been with you for long, but he knew so much love with you and his kitty friends. I know that Wellington will miss him as will you all.

Play happily gorgeous Napoleon - you will be greatly missed
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Jenny I am so sorry - I have only just read this. I also just read the story of how you came to have them. They both surely would have died as babies had it not have been for you. The bond is so much stronger I imagine since you saved him from his death bed and literally nursed him back to health.

These sort of deaths that are so sudden and you cannot prevent no matter how well you care for your kitties are the most heartbreaking.

I wish you all the best after everything you've been through lately, and I hope good things come your way very soon.
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Oh no! Dear sweet Napoleon. You were loved little one. I was still kind of new around here when your meowmie found you. She is a wonderful person. I was very touched at what she did to save you. Play happy now little one.
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Condolences on the tragic loss of your dear, sweet Napoleon. I, too, lost a kitten to poison in the yard. it has been 44 years ago, and the kitten passed in my lap while my mother was driving us frantically to the vet's Maybe your Napoleon is being greeted by my own little Tammy, fur friends forever, playing among the other TCS kitties until we get to be with them again. Such a sad accident - but knowing that at least one neighbor has decided to discontinue using poison lets you know that Napoleon has not died in vain. if only such a change of heart had come sooner Please give Wellington and the others some soothing scritches for me - this is such a sad time for the entire family.
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Thanks again everyone. The household is holding together though there is a huge Napoleon sized hole. Poor Wellington is now crying for his brother, as opposed to just looking for him - he wanders from room to room and up and downstairs crying. He comes for a lot of cuddles but he also needs the rough house play they used to have - the others won't playfight and wrestle with him, and he is trying to do it with me which hurts at times! He is a big cat who needs physical exercise and I can't let them out.

We will get through it, though the hurt and feelings of of guilt and injustice will take a long time to clear.
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Jenny have you sat with Wellington and told him where Napoleon has gone?. I always remember MA(hissy) always telling people to sit with their cats to explain what's happend to them and where they are now
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Yes, I did that, and of course I let the cats see him before I buried him. I have always understood that was a good thing to do. Dushka didn't care much, Ellie was scared and wouldn't come near but circled him, and only Persil and Wellington went up close and examined him. Wellington gave his ear a lick and then moved away.

Late this morning we were all having a cuddle on my bed and Ellie took Wellington and licked his head and shoulders thoroughly for about 20 minutes. It was exactly what he needed - the interaction with another cat. Then he was able to sleep for an hour, tucked between Ellie and Persil, which I was very pleased about. They do seem to know he is in trouble. Tonight I am cooking a chicken for all of us to share, as it is their favourite food and will be a treat to get their minds off things. Whether I will be able to eat or not I don't know yet, I have only had some soup since Tuesday.
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Awww Jenny ... you are taking such good care of your babies.
Please, eat some of that chicken.
You must take care of yourself too.
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for you Jenny and your lovely kitty family. Bless you all, I just hope things get easier for you soon.
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