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Napoleons on his way over the bridge

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I'm starting this thread for Jenny( jennyranson) who lost her beloved Napoleon today


Jenny i'll never forget the day you took Napoleon and his brother Wellington in, and those little boys blossomed thanks to your tender loving care

Theres a little boy in heaven right now playing with all the other TCS cats and kittens, and his name is Napoleon

Run fast across the bridge to your new home Napoleon sweetie, and know that your mum loved you so much and will miss you terribly, not to mention how much your brother Wellington, Dushka, Persil and Ellie are going to miss you to

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Rest in Peace Napoleon
Your passing was so tragic and sad, and your meowmy is going to miss you so much.
Take care of all the others and play happily
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sweet darling Napoleon... how much you were loved from so many people from across the globe, but no one as much as your Mum. She loves you little boy, she misses you, and will forever hold you close to her heart.

run free darling boy, you are going to a place where your life is just beginning... there is bigger and better things awaiting you now but continue to watch over your Mum, keeping her safe until you meet again.

We will all miss you

RIP Napoleon

I will light a candle to help guide you home

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Jenny, my heart and thoughts are with you

Sweet Napoleon play happily over the Rainbow Bridge sweetheart!

You are loved by so many and will be missed Your Meowmy loves you very much, so remember to watch over her and your brother and sisters

Jenny, I know that Napoleon will forever live on in your heart and in the hearts of all of us who watch him and Wellington blossom under your tender loving care

RIP Sweet boy, Napoleon
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Good bye sweet Napolean. We will miss you but know that you are in a better place.
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My thoughts are with you Jenny.

RIP beloved Napoleon.
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Jenny, my thoughts and prayers are with you today as you help the others say good bye to your sweet boy. I can't imagine anything more difficult to have to do, but please know that they will understand. You have done so much to make sure that Napoleon, Wellington, Dushka, Persil, and Ellie all live wonderful lives.
You opened your home and gave Napoleon and Wellington a second chance at life. Because of YOU Napoleon was able to feel love and happiness. Please don't feel like there was anything else you could have done or continue feeling as though you betrayed him, because you didn't, not for one second. You brought him a lifetime of joy while he was with you.
Napoleon will always be with you, Jenny. He holds a special place in your heart and will remain there forever.

RIP sweet boy Run and play over the bridge and be happy. Your brother is going to take good care of your mum, but check in with her from time to time. They miss you so much
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Oh Jenny, my heart and prayers are with you in this hard time. Don't every doubt that you did everything you could for your darling boy. He knew how much he was loved and he blossomed under your care. He is now a beautiful angel watching over you and playing happily will all of our other TCS angels.

You will be sadly missed darling Napoleon.
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Oh I am so sad to see this, I have been praying for you Napoleon, and will continue to pray for your family, I know they will miss you so much. You are pain free now sweet boy. May you Rest in Peace with the angels

Jenny feel free to PM me if you need to.
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Thank you everyone. And especially to Anakat for the siggy, though I cry every time I look at it.

Napoleon has been buried in the garden where he was so happy, and where he hunted so many critters. He was such a loving boy, and the most vocal cat I ever had - I could have real conversations with him when we understood each other perfectly, usually about him not wanting to do something. I will remember him bounding up to me to tell me about something as I sat having a cup of tea in the garden.

Wellington will miss my darling boy, as will we all. He licked his ears as he lay in his box, and has not left my side since. They were inseparable since the day they were abandoned on my doorstep as starving kittens. Napoleon didn't deserve this horrible death at only 18 months old, and I will do all I can to protect my other babies - one neighbour has already promised to give up using poison. I thought this would be such a safe paradise for them all - but I must stop before I break down. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I do not know what I would do without you all.
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Oh Jenny I am in tears reading this thread about Napoleon. I am very sad of your loss-you did everything you could possibly do for this marvelous kitty.
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NOOOOOO! I did not want to read this today. I am at the loss of this beautiful boy.

Play free sweet boy. You meowmy and family miss you very much.

Jenny, bless you as you remember this sweet young man.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
one neighbour has already promised to give up using poison.
Now that is something i'm so pleased to hear! It's a sad affair that they ever put it down in the first place then none of this would have happend, but hopefully the rest will jump on the bandwagon.

You'll both have those conversations again one day Jenny, you can be sure of that, and when you see Napoleon again he'll have so much to tell you about the things he's been doing since he crossed the bridge
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Jenny...........tears are blurring my vision.......just know that we all love you and Napolean......RIP sweet Napolean.......
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The image of Wellington saying goodbye to his brother has brought tears to my eyes.

Jenny I wish I could come over and give you a big hug. It took so much courage for you to bring Napoleon home so the others could say good bye.
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
The image of Wellington saying goodbye to his brother has brought tears to my eyes.

Jenny I wish I could come over and give you a big hug. It took so much courage for you to bring Napoleon home so the others could say good bye.
I couldn't agree more. Jenny you have been so strong bringing Napoleon home for the goodbyes. I know that Wellington, Ellie, Dushka and Peril will really appreciate it.

My heart breaks for you
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Jenny, it's with a very heavy heart that I read this thread. I was so hoping that Napoleon was going to pull through. My sincere condolences to you and your other fur babies.
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I'm in tears as well my heart goes out to you and poor Wellington, as well as your other furbabies.

RIP sweet boy. Keep watch over the rest of your family from RB.
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Im so very sorry to hear this. Rest in Peace Napoleon.
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Oh I am so sorry Jenny. I don't know how I missed this yesterday??? I am leaking tears all over my keyboard. He was so blessed to have been rescued by you and so well loved.

Napoleon...you have had fans all over the world. I wish you to feel all that love, and hope you've been met by all the other, special, wonderful, one of a kind TCS cats who've passed over this past year. (if you meet one curly eared cream pointed boy named Patrick, I'm sure he'll have a story or two to share with you, and he's great to snuggle up to and nap with).

Sending you hugs, so sorry for your loss.
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Jenny, there are so many here who share your grief with you on this tragic loss of Napoleon. And as Tanya said so eloquently, it was because of you that Wellington and Napoleon had any chance at life, let alone being happy and loved. You took them both in, the scrawny and scared "grey" kittens, and showed them a life they never could have had on the mean streets. You did bring him to his French paradise. His time there was just too short.

Rest peacefully, Napoleon. Play happily at the Bridge. And don't stop having those conversations with your Mum, she can still hear you with her heart.
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Jenny, I have no words for you. I'm am so sorry that you had to loose your baby Napoleon. We're here for you....
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oh, Jenny - your poor boy! this was the 2nd update i read today that had this ending. sweet Napoleon - rest in peace, playing happily over the bridge [look for Mouse!]. i agree with the others - you didn't betray them - you cared for them & they have a wonderful home with you. to you & your kits during this time. tell them what happened to Napoleon - they'll be wondering where he is. Pixel stopped looking for Mouse after i told her. i think they understand more than we know.
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Jenny....my heart aches for you and your tragic loss. It was through grace that he was brought into your life along with his brother and it is with grace that he now lives at the Bridge. He was such a beautiful, beautiful beloved boy and I am so, so sorry for your tremendous loss. I'm so glad Wellington got to give Napoleon such a heartfelt goodbye; may you comfort each other in your shared loss. RIP safely and happily at the Bridge, sweet Napoleon .
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Jenny, tears are being shed around the world today for your sweet boy Napoleon. Please never, never think that you let him down. You gave him and his brother a second chance at life.

My heart is with you

RIP Napoleon
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I have to say that I went to bed crying last night when I saw this posted in the other thread, and then to come here this morning has not helped I am a terrible cry baby and this broke my Heart,
Like I said Jenny you did nothing but take wonderful care of Napoleon and the rest of your furbabies.
Rest in Peace Dear Sweet Boy And help your Mommy feel better soon as her Heart has been broken as have many others here
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Reason flies out of the window at times like this. The most trusting cat in the world, who loved everything and everybody, met up with the most disgusting evil, and suffered a horrific death, and I could not save him from it. And I brought him to the place where it happened.
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It is NOT your fault!!! Please, PLEASE don't do that to yourself - I'm sure he wouldn't blame you - you did everything you could for him!!!
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Jenny there is no way to try and justify why this happened none at all
I know what it feels like but I have no idea how you must be feeling,.
I don't like it when people say there's a reason for everything I do not beleive that. You will deal with it the way you need to and everyone deals so differently.
There's only one thing I do know and there is no good way to make someone else feel it, is that when you are ready for that pain to ease it will, and you will still be standing down the road, I don't think time really heals much it's the way you let it heal. You are entitled to feel this way untill you can stop hurting somewhat and I know today and next week and for however long you feel it is the way it needs to be for you.
The Pain is great the loss is worse no one can tell you how long to hurt, Oh how I wish that it didn't make your Heart ache but it does.
Everyone here feels your hurt but not like you, because we Loved him also through you. Please take care of yourself and I will be thinking of you and hopeing day by day that it is getting better.. Bless you !!! You know that were all here for you
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Oh no Jenny That is so sad. RIP Napolean. You are in a better place and you will be mised by your meowmie!

ETA: Don't feel guilty for bringing him the place he passed. You did what was best for sweet Napolean. You arer not to blame for his death. We all know on this site that you only wanted him to have a chance at a long happy life!!
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