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I had a dream about Lilleah...lol

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This is so weird..I always have dreams about people on TCS...and I haven't even met anyone except for Tracy...

Alright here's the dream, it doesnt really make sense..lol

So, I went to visit Lilleah at her house, which was an older house with all laminate flooring in it..for some reason I remember that really well. When I got to her house, noone was home, so I just went in...um like I would really do that...then I was just sitting there waiting for her to get home, and then she and a child come up from the basement and she said that she has been there the whole time, but you couldn't hear me come in from down there...So then, another 2 kids came out .(yep 3 kids and 2 kitties in my dream). For some reason, I had brought no clothes or anything even though she lived in the US, and I knew that but I guess I didn't have time to pack in my dream?? I don't know..
Anyway, then Lilleah said we have got to go to the mall to get some clothes because she would not be seen with me in the same clothes everday.

So then her husband comes home, and he is HOT!! I was very excited. He was all gruff looking with some 5 o'clock shadow going on..yum yum.. (Sorry to think your dream husband is hot Lilleah )

Anyway, I think it pretty much ended there...doesn't make any sense...but thats the second time I dreame about someone on here...I guess I spend too much time online
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That is hilarious!
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Was she wearing pink shoes??????
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well.. shes not married!

Thats so funny, i had a dream about a tcs member a while ago ill have to look for it!
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