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Grooming question

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For all of you that know me, I am fostering a group of kittens.
Last week I lost 2 of them, and for some odd reason, one of them named Gobo, is about an inch away from adopting me!!
I cant help but fall in love with this little guy, we've been fighting a URI for a week now, and everytime I go in the "sick room" He is attached to my hip, even gets jealous when the others come near me..

I need some help as far as his fur though, its somewhat long, and somewhat REALLY soft, like rabbits kind of.
I think its mainly because he's sick that he isnt grooming himself as much as possible.
But whether or not I keep him, I still have to figure out a good way to clean him up..
I am longhaired illiterate, as mine have always been short haired.
Any tips? Is there kitty conditioner?
Special kind of brush?
Im not worried about shedding at this point, just keeping his coat soft and tangle proof..
Heres a few pictures.

Thanks ahead
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I dont know much about longhaired kitties.My sister had one many moons ago. She used a flea comb and human comb on her cat. I dont know if thats what's best. But It worked pretty good for Precious. BTW Gobo is adorabale. He looks alot like a baby Precious.
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If he has a soft, silky fur you may not have any problems with mats or keeping his fur soft. Every long haired cat is different. Of my Persians, Peaches has really soft fur and hardly ever mats, Jazzy mats a little but the mats are easily removed with a comb, Jake is the same. I've found a comb works better then a brush and is a necessity! For Peaches, I use a powder bath and it keeps her fur fluffy and soft. Jake and Jazzy get baths in the kitchen sink occassionally. Probably not much help but every really has different things that help!
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Hi, I'm not an expert but I have 3 long haired, ( 1 semi persian, 2 persians) I comb them everyday with a comb purchased from the vet's. If I see hair matts I cut them with a small scissors carefully, and shampoo them every 2 weeks with a special shampoo for long haired cats that keeps silky fur. It's important though to brush the kitty regularly (under arms and belly not to forget) Hope this helps
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Well thank you all.
He is definitly wearing at my heart, and he might have to stay here!!
I can say I really havent seen "mats" yet. But being that he is sick, theres canned food, medicine, etc that get stuck.
So far, I have just been using a wet rag to wipe him down, nice and warm, and I dont get him too wet, because he is sick and tiny.
His hair kinks all up, like I just crimped it..
He is so adorable. I guess I will try to get a comb and a brush that suit him the best.
My others have always been shorthaired, so never really considered "special brushes"
Thanks again
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Great googly moogly, he is cute.

I just brush my fluffy cat with a pin brush--I try to give her a going over everyday. She loves it!
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