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Wet cat food

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Ok my sister thinks she knows everything. and I recently told her that I feed my cats 1/4 of a can of wet food a day. She about freaked out on me. she said that vet food is very bad for their digestion. She said because it is mush their stomachs and intestes just push it though and don't actually work the way they are supposed to. and that feeding them wet food can do them serious harm. I feed my cats wet food because I was told it will HELP with digestion. My little Squeak has a problem (which the vet told me will cause him problems his whole life), he doesn't chew hard food or kittie treats. so I though the wet food might help him out some. because trying to digest whole food has to be hard. and I can't give it to one and no the other. so basicly is what my sister told me true? is their any truth in it?
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Your sister is full of it.
Wet food is better for cats than dry food.

Do a search on this forum for 'food' or 'wet food' there is a wealth of informative threads.
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Wet food is far better for kitties overall health./..

wet food is on ave 75-85% moisture
cat natural prey is about 80% moisture

wet food is usually less grainy than dry
Natural prey is only about 5% carbs

More if you want
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Your sister has been misinformed! Wet food resembles a cat's natural prey much more closely than dry food, and as water is important to urninary health it's a much better way of ensuring our cats take in water than just hoping they will drink enough separately.

If your sister is amenable to reason she may want to read these articles





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I have nothing further to add to the above except try to educate your sister so her cats will have a healthier life as well.
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After attempting to educate your sister if she still freaks out on you or argues, tell her their YOUR cats and you can feed them whatever cat food you want.
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ty everyone I enjoyed the reading and my sister (thankfully) doesn't have cats she hates cats. she has a dog though. but thank you and I will start feeding them a little more maybe.
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Although this wasn't my thread, I still wanted to thank you for the info on the wet food. I've been contemplating increasing the wet food consumption around here - generally I've been splitting a 12 oz. can 11 ways, just in the morning, then dry food the rest of the day. Seems like the kittens are always just a tiny bit dehydrated, based on the skin pinch test. We have water all over the house (I mean water dishes and fountains, not like puddles or flooding or anything - thought I should clarify in light of all the rain we got last week! ), but I'm thinking that more wet food would help that out. It would be more costly in the beginning to buy twice as much wet food, but I think it'd be worth it after reading your suggestions.
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