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Why do we like cats?

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In an article by Will Cohu, reviewing a book calledThe Character of Cats by Stephen Budiansky, I found the following provocative quote:

"With the exception of the odd good ratter, the cat has not adapted to humans by making itself useful and retains its own silent agenda. Despite possessing intelligence, it has, generally speaking, not shown any inclination to put its abilities to use, unless it can see an immediate reason. ...
In human terms, cats lack altruism and are lazy."

The implied question seems to be - so why do we like them so much?

When I got over my initial indignation, it occurred to me that the fact that they lack altruism and are lazy may actually be one reason we do like them. Cats are our id: They are what we secretly would like to be - if we weren't so well-socialized.

I remember my last cat, a lazy old lady, laying regally on my bed as I was rushing to work, with a million tasks and responsibilities to fulfill before the end of the day. I wasn't jealous (or just a little). Instead, I found something gratifying about it - as if a part of me would get to spend the day just lolling around, trying out new places to feel comfortable, doing nothing I didn't feel like doing. Now I have an exuberant, anarchic, always-in-trouble and always-forgiven kitten. It's easy to see why I adore him - I was such a well-behaved child!

I'd be interested in hearing what others think: Just what do we love so much about cats?

If you're interested in reading the complete review, you can reach it at:

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Interesting question, and very interesting quote. In all actuality, dogs have pretty much lost their "working ability." Most aren't trained to do anything more than sit, stay, laydown, roll over.

Why do I like cats? Well, no big philosophical reason like you have WigglesMom. I like them because they are cute, fuzzy (fuzz-therapy is a wonderful thing), fun, and soothing. They are wonderful companions who can sense our moods, provide hours of entertainment, and tons and tons of love. All they really want is to be loved - just ask any stray cat. They are intelligent animals, and I like that as well. I guess it comes down to this: I like cats because they are cats, and there is no other creature in the world like them.
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I think with cats, you have to earn their trust and love. Unlike dogs (and don't get me wrong, there are many dogs I like), who seem to love until you prove that you aren't worthy of their love. For me, the fact that Ivo trusts me enough to let me rub her stomach and play with her feet and loves me so much she comes bounding into my bedroom in the morning to say hi and waits for me by the door in the evening, is the most wonderful thing from a former stray (and most likely abused)cat. I appreciate that cats expect us to be better people, and we become better people because of them.

Oh, and I like that they are furry and purry and cuddly and smell good...I could go on.
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I like cats because they are warm, fuzzy, cute, entertaining, intelligent and affectionate creatures. They are non-judgemental. They will not cease to love you, when you become middle-aged and begin to droop a bit.

They will, however, insist that you fix their dinners after a hard day at work, when your feet hurt and your back aches.
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I love all my cats because they love me! No matter what my day is like outside that door, they are all waiting for ME when I return home. Even poor sweet Goldie is waiting just down the hall!
Cats are sleek and intuitive and very skilled at being what they are. There are no expectations on them from one kitty to another.
They are survivors and so very forgiving.......
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I love my cats for many reasons, but most of all for their unconditional love. A lot of people on this earth could learn a great deal from cats.

I also think that cats and human are a lot a like. If I don't want to be touch I won't let someone touch me. If I don't like the taste of something I won't eat it. I want to sleep on the softest piece of furniture too. If I feel uncomfortable with someone I don't want to be around them either. I love how independent cats are.

I have one cat that only allows me to touch her. I worry if something were to happen to me that she would not let my niece (who is the guardian of my cats if something were to happen to me) take care of her, but mostly it makes me feel special.
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I can't speak for dogs as I am allergic to them and keep my distance from them as a result. Nothing personal, they just make me ill. But . . .

Cats are loyal, but not blindly loyal.

They will give love but not unconditionally.

If you are in tune with your cat(s) you will be able to understand what they are telling you. I don't know if that's the same with dogs - but a cat will change his facial expressions to reflect his feelings. I'VE SEEN IT!!

A cat's mood will also reflect your own. They will respond to your anger, fear, happiness and sadness acordingly.

Non-cat people pooh-pooh this. They do not believe a 'stupid' animal can be so perceptive. They are wrong.

Cats have grace.

Cats have beauty.

Cats are built for a purpose, whether domestic or wild, they are hunters - they can be killing a gazelle or a ball of aluminium foil. They're still hunters.

What more can I say? Plenty - but I've got to get on with my work!!!
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