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Poor Morris

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Guys - my good friend Erica has just called my hubbs to say her 'adopted' kitty Morris has got kidney failure.

He's at home and on medication. She is so totally attached to little Morris that I despair of anything happening to him as she will be devastated.

I need your prayers for this beautiful black pussycat. I'd also welcome your words of wisdom on whether there is a chance of recovery.

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Yola here is a link to a support board, staffed by vets. Perhaps it will help your friend?

CRF Support
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I'm so sorry about your friend's cat.
Your friend and Morris will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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This is very sad. I will send up a prayer for Morris.
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I am so sorry that Morris is so ill. I am thinking of him and his family.......
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So sorry to hear about little Morris Lots of prayers and good thoughts going to him and his "parents" One of my little babies died from Liver and Kidney failure.. it was so sad..... hopefully Morris will last alot longer
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Erica just emailed to say Morris is now on permanent medication.

Seems, even after the first tablet it has made a new cat of him!

He's been chasing birds in the garden for the first time since she adopted him!

I'm so pleased. She will be keeping a close eye on him and hopefully all will be well now.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and advice

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Oh good news!! Hoorah!! (Can I have some of those pills!!! :laughing: )
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Why Bod?

Do the feathers get stuck in your throat too, or are the bird just too fast?


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Birds?!!? Nope, today even the slugs are too fast!! hahaha
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Yola that is very good news. Although I didn't write it, Morris was in my thoughts yesterday. I'm glad the vets got it under control! The miracles of modern medicine - human and animal.
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I am SO glad to hear Morris is doing so much better!! Now let's hope some of his good luck rubs off on Shredder!!
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