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hi last year after i got banshee neutered she as now turn on the kitten she had the kitten is now 810 months old is this normal
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So let me understand....did you get the kitten fixed or did you get mom fixed??

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I believe what she is saying is that she had her cat spayed, and afterwards the mother cat turned on her child.

She wants to know if it is normal for a mother cat to deny her child after having been fixed.
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At some point just about all mother cats, whether spayed or not, will wean their kittens. I'm no expert, but from what I've read and observed, it's normal behavior for a mother cat to "enforce" her offspring's independence sooner or later. Instinct probably leads her to get ready for her next litter (she doesn't "know" there won't be one once she's been spayed), or perhaps it's nature's way of preventing inbreeding (mother-son incest).
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My friend's cat's kitten grew to be twice the size of his mom and then chased her away...unfortunately he also ran away shortly afterward.
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