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Cat Flu

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What's up everyone?

So, I have two babies now.. a one year old female, and a 4.5 month old male...

He has the flu, already seen the vet a couple of times regarding this issue... so, as far as medical attention is concerned... i'm giving him the very best... the Doctor said that for now, all we can do is wait and put him on vitamins and minerals... (we've already given him the anti-biotic treatment) he's active, eats and drinks well.. gets along wonderfully with my older cat... plays all the time... is friendly etc... but unfortunately, due to the recent war in Lebanon... shipments of the better brands of cat food are a little late in coming.. infact, even my books in University have been late to arrive from abroad... so for now, i've had to settle for a less quality of food because nothing else is availible.. its called "Lifetime" and its a Canadian brand... I usually give Nutro and/or Royal Canin.

Question is... how long might it take for him to recover from the flu? (He still sneezes and coughes and has nasal discharge...its been two weeks now) and is it normal for his stool to be a little loose?

Hope all is well, and thanks for your help
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depends on the envirnment. you have to be very very clean with antibacterial wipes and gel for you and the things you touch. gloves help. washing towels twice a day if possible. having a cat carrier to put the sick one in that can be disinfected whilst you clean the area the sick one has been. having a crate or something to keep them in so they can be VERY seperate and keep things clean. changing bowls (using stainless steel) and litter very often. soft stools and some vomiting is normal. thats really all the advice i can offer for you. i worked at a animal shelter and we had to quarentine like this all the time. it's not fun and this is cat flu season. good luck let me know if there is any advice for helping keep things clean and under control for you. number one is to keep the sick cat away from the others. as they may not be able to get it with their vaccinations but they can carry it and give it back to him. quarentine is vital for cat flu.
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