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Hello All!

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Hello everyone! My name is Shea. I am 16 and a complete animal lover. In my house right now there are 5 dogs, 8 cats, 5 guinea pigs, 1 gerbil and 1 rat.

Five of the cats are a mom and her litter of four that we are fostering until the babies are old enough. They are all black medium hairs.

Out of the zoo of animals that are living in my house, the ones that I own (and am taking out of the house when I move out) are 1 black and tan miniature dachshund, 3 cats (Molly Moo Cow, Kovu, and Pharah), and the 5 guinea pigs.

Now a little cat history.

When I was oh...6 my aunt's cat had a litter and my brother and I each got one. Mine was an adorable long haired tabby female whom I name Nala. My brother's was a black male named Simba. Well Simba had to be put to sleep and Nala got lost.

Then one Christmas a few years later Santa....Got us two kittens. Again my brother got a black male and he named him Tiger and I got a tortoiseshell female named Tapenga. We had these two for about three years before they both got lost.

Then for about 3-4 years I never owned a cat. Then just last summer for my birthday I got a little female long-haired tortoiseshell kitten that I named Aurora. I vowed to never let her outside, which I didn't let her. But after four weeks of owning her, and her being in the bathroom when I wasn't home, I let her roam the house. At this time she was ten weeks old. Well one day when she was out roaming two of my dogs (both mini doxies) knocked over the fence to the dog room and got out. They wanted to play with the kitten, not knowing how fragile she was. Needless to say. I was devistated coming home to my beloved kitten on the floor.

Just a week later, and I wish I waited longer because I feel like they were replacements, I looked in the newspaper and found someone selling kittens for $10. So as excited as I was I had to go see them. I fell in love with both of them, they were the last two. A little black and white female and a tabby male, both shorthaired. I had to have them both. So I did. Now I still have these guys, and they just turned a year on July 28th. Their names are Molly Moo Cow(who most definately lives up to her name) and Kovu. They are both the most lovey cats ever. Molly, since the litter that the man raised was orphaned, sucks on my fingers whenever she feels uncomfortable or nervous.

Just this last weekend, on saturday, my friend and I found an adorable little kitten. The only way I can describe her is white, with very faint gray stripes, gray ear points, and a racoon tail. Her eyes change colors from yellowy-green to a light blue. She looks to be...8-9 weeks old. She is a sweety and I named her Pharah.

But now Molly and Kovu hate her. They just hiss and growl, and I am afraid they are going to attack her or something. I tried locking her in the bathroom so they can just hear her. But I can't do that to her 24/7, she meows like crazy and strives for attention. I will post this problem somewhere else so everyone can give me advice.

But that is about all about me. My pets are my life and are like my children. I love them all.
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Alright. I have some pics and videos to share with you all.

This is the video of Pharah. She wouldn't stop moving so I had to take a video.

Here are the pictures.

Molly Moo Cow, posing for the picture.

Molly and Kovu sharing their food.

Molly and Kovu peeking at the stray.

Kovu sleeping in a contorted position.
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Welcome Shea! Sounds like you have a zoo like me. I'm Amber (19) and I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I have 4 cats (see my siggie), 2 dogs, 8 rats, 1 mouse and 1 boyfriend. I live in Missouri. Hmm I hope you enjoy yourself here. There's tons of great people here.
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Hey Shea and Everyone~!
Welcome to the site and forum and I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. Lots of cats and cat lovers and lots of good information on some of the other forums.

Good for you for keeping your cats indoors! It's the best way to keep 'em safe! as you know now...;(

To introduce your cats to a new kitten, it's good to keep the newbie in the bathroom for a week or so, and gradually let them sniff and see each other for a longer time each day, so it is gradual and not all of a sudden. Pay a lot of attention to Molly and Kovu and pretty much ignore Pharah when you're doing this intro; that way Molly and Kovu will not feel so jealous and intimidated. They need to feel they're still special to their "Mom" (that's YOU!) and that Pharah isn't going to step in and take over your love and their house. Gradually, give Pharah more attention in their presence; but make sure to always make THEM know they're loved! It may take time, but trust me, I'm here in a 9-cat household and we almost always get along together! There may still be little hissy-fits from time to time, even chasing or swatting; it's natural as long as it doesn't get too rough. You can always use a squirt bottle filled with water to stop THAT.

Hope Molly, Kovu, and Pharah become best friends! There's nothing like a group of cats who love each other to make us cat lovers go "AWWWWWW!"
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I read the introducing new cats article on here. Thanks for the advice.

Right now Pharah is in my brother's room, the only truely vacant space. My room is Molly and Kovu's territory, my bathroom has one of my guinea pigs in it (she is in quarantine), my brother's and sister's bathroom is off limits (along with my paren'ts room), my sister's room has mama cat and her kittens, the spare room has my two guinea pigs that are in together for breeding, and that leaves my brother's room.

Molly and Kovu have relaxed since I put her in the room. They pretty much ignore the room. I just have to find a blanket that can be called the cat blanket and give it to Pharah to smell up, then give it to Molly and it seems like a long process.

I am hoping they will get along.

Thanks for the advice!
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HI again!

Yeah, you got the 4-1-1 all right -- you're doing all the right things and before you know it, you're gonna have a big ol' CATPILE! right in the middle of your bed. Take it from us, a catpile on a cold night -- nothing could be better!
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your gorgeous kitties to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

You've got some great advice, I hope the introductions go well. Slow and easy does it - they have their whole lives to play with each other, no sense rushing things at the start
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Hi, Shea! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
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Hi! It's great that you shared your pics & video with us ! They are very cute kitties!
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Thank you.

Well we juts let Pharah roam and Molly and Kovu are getting used to her. They have just been sniffing eachother, but they wont get too close.
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Welcome to TCS!!
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