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Kitty has swollen paw

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I just noticed that my 4 month old female tabby has some swelling and redness on the bottom of her hind paw. There also appears to be some crusty matter (blackish color) in the same paw. She seems to be walking OK, and does not appear to be in pain, but I am obviously concerned about this swelling. She is strictly an indoor cat, and I can't imagine that she has injured herself anywhere, but I guess that's possible.

Any comments would be appreciated. I think I should bring her to the vet.
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is it possible she jumped on the hot stove or cut herself on something in the house. if so she could have gotten kitty litter stuck in it and now it's infected. try soaking the paw in a warm wet cloth and see if you can see the infected site of the wound. then apply a cool cloth until you can get to a vets for antibiotics and treatment for it.
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We took Sophia to the vet today. He said she had some sort of an infection. He took blood and needs to determine if this is bacterial or fungal. In the mean time we have to give her antibiotics and clean the paws with betadine. Poor kitty. While she was there the vet gave her an FIV test (her mother was positive) and it came back negative.
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My kitten had that, turns out she's allergic to tidy cat litter.
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Sending lots of get well vibes to Sophia
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We've been using Swheat Scoop litter since we got her 2 1/2 months ago and never noticed a problem. But maybe we just never noticed. Her sister, Maya, is fine and they share the same box.
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Thanx for the good vibes Stormy. The vet sez it's bacterial but he's not sure what it is exactly. Hopefully the meds and betedine will work.
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{({({({({({Get well soon Sophia})})})})})}
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Now the vet sez he's concerned. He took a biopsy. We will hopefully get results in a week.

Besides the lesions on her paws (left side only...weird) Sophia has apparantly developed a legion on her mouth (left side also).

Anyone ever come across this? We're worried. Her mother was FIV positive...
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