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Am I crazy for doing this?

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For the first time in the the almost four months that we have had him, we had to leave our kitten alone in the house for two nights this weekend. I of course made sure there was plenty of extra food and water and clean litter for him to use. I am not doubting my sanity on this but the first night away my wife asked me "I wonder how our baby is doing?" and I said "why don't we call him?" My wife looked at me like I was from the planet Mars and then I explained that like a lot of people, we have a phone machine that allows a sixty second message to be left. And knowing that Persi always runs to the machine when he hears it ringing, I knew for sure that he would be sitting right there by the machine when I left my sixty second message to him both nights we were gone. And I know very well that he knew it was me. Even if I am crazy for thinking so, it sure made me feel a lot better and I cannot help but thinking it made our baby feel better too! Perhaps if you heard the message I left him you would doubt my sanity but I suspect that I am certainly not the first person to have ever done such a thing.
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Oh, I've definitely done that before!!

You're not alone!!!

Even if I leave my cats alone for just a day or so I have neighbors check up on them: I just can't relax unless I know they're okay!!
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Done that too!!!
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That's so cute!
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That is so sweet!! I don't have one of those machines, so I can't say I've done it before, but would if I could! But I will admit to talking to my dog Maggie (who is living with my parents right now) atleast once a week while my mom or dad holds the phone to her ear!
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Oh yes, I have called home and left my cats a message on the answer machine. Just part of loving them and missing them.
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There is nothing wrong with that...I always talked to Bella on the phone when I went away...my husband would put it up to her ear!!!
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