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Can You Change a Tire??

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Just out of curiosity, how many of you ladies out there can change a tire? I learned a while back, after having 5 flats in one year (don't ask). The last time I had one, Colin tought me to change it so that I would be able to in the future if i needed to. So far, i've changed my best friends tire since then and my "brother's tire" lol...yeah he can't change a tire...go figure! I think it's a good thing to learn to do. So how many of you out there can change a tire?

Sorry again mods! I forgot to add a poll! Would one of you lovely ladies mind helping me out?
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I can change tires, I can even repair flats and some other routine car maintenance stuff too
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Yup indeedy
I can also do a few other things and I know a few other things too, not that I'd touch them.
It comes from watching Mark and his friends spend hours working on their cars.
I've changed lots of tyres though.
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nope. I'm a pathetic girly girl! I used to be able to do it on my old car, but as for my current one, nope. I should learn though.
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You betcha! And I change the oil in my VW too. My other car I take in to a shop to have the oil changed.
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That's one thing I can do!!!!
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I can but I have it covered via insurence so I would call and have someone else do it
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Nope. I have roadside assistance with my insurance, thankfully!
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I can, but barring the unforeseen, I wouldn't. That's what BCAA (AAA) and cell phones are for.
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I can do that and my own tune up. I can also change the master cylinder on dodge caravan (plymouth voyager) and the MAP sensor. That's what you get from owning junky cars, though those vans sure do run forever, with only a few quirks!!!
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I know how, but I don't think I'd have a chance when the tires have been put on with a pneumatic drill!

It just makes the tyre nuts way to tight, and even my fiance can't take them off! (And he's a BIG boy!)
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I can! My best friend and I learned our freshman year of college in the parking lot at wal-mart by reading a sticker inside her trunk. Some old couple sat in their car and watched us the whole time. It must have been amusing or something. We were fine till it came to 'breaking the nuts' We struggled with that so long eventually some guy stoped and helped. That old man could at least have gotten out of his car and offered some advice!
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Nope, I don't know...but I need to learn.
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I know how. But I cant do it. The bolt thingys are always to tight for me to do. So I just wait for motorist assist to come along usually. If I'm in a hurry I call my dad.
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That's one reason I have an auto club (AAA) membership. If I was physically able, I think I could.
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I know how, you never know when you might need to
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I can change a tire - and the oil - if HAVE to. I'd much rather pay a big, strong man to do it, LOL...I'm just lazy and weak-wristed due to an old surgery.
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My dad made me learn before he would give me my old truck. My mom has some pretty funny pics. The lug nuts were rusted on and I was jumping on the lug wrench trying to get them loose. Finally after like 10 mins they came loose and voila!! Changed Tire!! Now I let Lee do all that stuff for me!
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i have found, tho, that if i start, a man usually stops & does it for me
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I learned how to change a tire, when I was 13. My junior high made the girls take a basic shop class and that was one of the things that they taught us. There's a tire guage in my glove box and I DO use it. In addition, I check all of my fluids and change my own air filters (darned if I'll pay $30 to have the oil-change place do it).

These days, I prefer to call AAA, for flats.
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nope...I am definitely a girly girl...I would call AAA or my husband to come and change the tire
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I've never done it myself, but I think I could because I know how.
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