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3 new pics

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This is what the house has looked like all weekend following a visit from the evil vaccination lady
The other cats are hiding, it's thundering out.

Spaz, 3 minutes ago

Vash, not playing for once, 3 minutes ago

Spaz, early this morning, she appears to be smiling (seems everyone loves the new frameless chair).
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Vash looks alot like my LuckyGirl ......well, her one sock is a little smaller than Vash's , and Lucky has a bunny tail, and a spot on her chin, and higher boots on her thighs ....I swear they look alot alike!!!
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So sweet!!!
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awww! they look soo sweet!
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Now they are relaxed kitties!!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Now they are relaxed kitties!!!
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such a peaceful sight - they look so relaxed and content
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They are all cute Love the pic of Spaz!
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