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My dad lost our cat!!!

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My cat, Siam, seen here in this thread:

has been missing since Saturday night . We just moved to a new house that's about 15 minutes away from our old house. At the old house, the cats were indoor/outdoor cats. They are fixed and microchipped and have all their shots and everything like that. Well, when we took them over to the new house on Saturday night (Sept 30th), my stupid dad just let them out of the carrier outside in the garage (there's a cat door) and Siam took off across the back yard. We haven't seen her since.

Ashten is still with us. He just hangs around in the garage by the food looking depressed. If you're wondering why he's not in the house, he's not allowed inside without strict supervision at all times because he's a notorious sprayer. The only place in the house he can be without supervision is the storage area in the basement where the water heater and all that are. Its a small room and we don't want to shut him in there all the time.

Anyway, we have been contacting animal shelters in our area and my mom made some flyers that we are going to put up.

Please, no debates on indoor/outdoor living. I know all the risks and reasons to keep your cats indoors. Its not my decision to have outdoor cats. My dad is a dictator and a tyrant and what he says goes. When I finally move out into my own place, my pets will be INDOORS.

I want my kitty!
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You poor thing, I hope your baby comes home soon! Make sure you put up flyers in your old AND new neighbourhood!
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I know how you feel!
My kitties are strictly indoor cats and i lost my teufel for two weeks last year!
God bless him!

If you lived 15 minutes away, the cat may be looking for its way back home.
Many years ago when i was 8 years old we moved house, my cat sheba kept on going back to our old place, every 2 days we would go there with the car to pick him up.

Dont give up hope!! If he is microchipped and somoenes picked him up they will contact you asap
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I hope you find Siam soon!!!
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Thanks for your support. We are planning to put up flyers in the old neighborhood too. I don't know if she would be able to get back there though, there are multiple busy roads she would have to survive to get there, and I don't know if she could make it.

And my parents told me I didn't need to get the cats microchipped. Shows what they know. I'm glad I did!
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Definitely check back at your old house. Our half-cat, ZsaZsa, kept coming back "home" after her first family moved several towns away, which is how she ended up eating here, and sleeping at our neighbor's.
Good luck finding Siam!
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I got a suggestion from my coworker to leave Hoho's out to entice her to come back. Siam likes the chocolate covering on the Hoho's. She will crawl all over you to get it! We might try it.

Siam, come home!

(I noticed this was moved, sorry I put it in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where it went)
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Make sure you put something outside with either your scent or the cat's scent. As this is a new place the cats won't have any scents to identify with your family yet. I hope she comes back soon!!
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I don't think the chocolate is a good idea, it can make your cat very sick...Best of luck finding her tho!!
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I just read this post but over on the dog forums, I hope you find your cat! It is scary when they go missing isn't it? Good luck.
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Sending {{{{"come to the new home"}}}}prayers and vibes out to Siam. It is so awful when they go missing The not knowing, the hoping, the endless waiting - many of us have gone through the awful, awful situation. Feel free to post & to PM whenever you have the need - you are not alone during these stressful days - as if moving & adjusting to a new place wasn't stressful enough already Susan
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Thank you all for your kind words and support. I am updating this to let you all know that Siam has been found!
Last night we put my jacket outside with food hoping the scent would bring her back, and I guess it worked because at 3:30am my parents awoke to a yowling and it was Siam! My parents went outside and enticed her into the garage with food. The garage doors are shut and the cat door is blocked so that the cats can't go anywhere. Siam won't come to anybody, she just hides under the car and meows pitifully. I suppose a change in her behavior is to be expected though, since she's just been through a lot.

I'm just happy she's home!
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OH GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That great that she is home!!!
Yrs ago one of our cats was not missing but someting must have frightened her as we could here her meowing from under a spruce tree but wouldn't come. After a few days somehow she came into the garage. We shut the doors -she ran up to our bedroom and hid under the covers for 24 hours!! She was a bit jumpy after that episode.
Your kitty has so much to adjust to-a new house-perhaps you could confine her to one room until everything is all unpacked and settled in so she feels a bit more secure??
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I'm so glad you found her!!!!!!!!!!
To calm her nerves, I suggest purchasing a feliway diffuser I think it will work wonders for her frazzled nerves
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GREAT NEWS!!! I am releived to hear that she's home.
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So happy to hear your baby is back. I'm sure she will be back to her old self soon with all your love and support!
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Make her feel at home... give her the same old food and the same old kitty bed and the same kitty treats she's always had.

Sit there and talk to her--your voice is familiar--she should eventually calm down and come to you. Don't force her.
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Siam is doing better now. She demands pets again like she used to . Siam is still a little weirded out by everything, but I beleive she'll be ok. I think she's mostly just ticked off at us for changing everything on her.

I'm willing to give her all the time she needs to adjust. We're just happy to have our kitty back!
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I'm very happy for you!
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