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Petition Against Cat Abuser - PLEASE READ

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Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Don't Let Charles C. Benoit Go Free"

which deals with the man accused of throwing a kitten into a barbeque grill and is hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, a free online petition service, at:


I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing the petition for yourself.

Best wishes,

Gaye Flagg

P.S. A note along these lines, sent from you to your friends, can make an especially effective contribution to the petition. A successful petition is a grassroots collaborative effort, and now it's your turn. The power of the Internet is in your hands -- so please, consider spreading the message.
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Gaye - I just went and signed it. It makes me feel physically sick at the thought of what this swine did.

Thanks for alerting us to the petition.
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Gaye, Thank you for alerting us to this petition. I signed it and wrote a comment. It took only two minutes.

I join Gaye in urging our members to read the petition, and sign if you agree. It takes so little time, and is so important. I will definitely send this information to my family and friends. You can drop down to the bottom of this page and e-mail this thread to them, or better yet, as Gaye suggested, drop them a line in your own words.
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It also makes a powerful statement if using this story as your guideline you handwrite a letter to your local legislature and urge a stricter penalty, fine what have you for any abuser of animals. Believe me, those letters do get read and presented. There is a link in the thread about this here in this forum. So not only sign the petition, but make a personal pleas as well for the welfare of all animals.
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Signed, and commented.... hope this "man" (if you can call him that) get what is coming to him...
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Here's what I wrote:

Research clearly shows that persons who abuse animals are highly likely to commit violent crimes against humans. They are also very likely to abuse their spouses and children. If we let Benoit free we will be giving him (and other animal abusers) the message that it is acceptable to torture and physically assault helpless others. Please do not send that message!
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The response to this website is amazing, and I'm glad we aren't the only people with the sensibility to know that this is an outrage. I signed the petition, was #5391. Within just a few minutes, when I went to read other signatures, there was already 5430. I hope legislators and prosecutors start getting the message.
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I signed (#5503).
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I signed and my friends signed also.
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13981. signed and sealed. with the note, If you let this person go free, what are you saying to your kids? that it's ok to hurt something so innocent?
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I'm #18152. Its good to see so many people, who are concerned about this type of behaviour.
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There are now over 22,000 signatures. Maybe something significant can finally be done about animal cruelty cases.
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I went ahead and signed it. I can't wait to see what happens, may justice be served for Lucky.


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I honestly used to think that all humans had at least one tiny, minescule, ounce of good in them, and over about 3 years, that thought has been annihilated into tiny bits. Now, it's compleately gone. Not all humans are pure bad, but this scoundral was. I signed. #43376
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