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Sorry for not introducing myself first, but I have a problem with a kitten that will be two weeks old tomarrow. Today I took Jack to the vet. He had a penicillin and Vit. B Complex injection. Plus he had a sub.fluid injection. I was told to give him another if and when the
"bubble" went down. Two hours later something told me to check on him.
He was almost dead, no movement, no crying, nothing. I gave him CPR and mouth to mouth. I was desperate so I gave him another sub. injection, within minutes he was fine and was crying for a bottle!
What happened? Low blood sugar or what? I'm scared to death to put him back in his bed! I have only enough Glucose for two more shots.
He was only to get two a day, morning and night. He's had two within four hours!! Plus he's getting Yogurt mixed in his formula. I already lost three kittens I don't want to lose Jack to!! We don't have a all night vet or anyone who deals with newborns!! What do I do till morning when I can contact my vet? I'm doing everything I can for this little guy!!
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Hi Barb!

Typically in baby kittens signs of hypoglycemia are severe depression, muscle twitching and sometimes convulsions. If a kitten shows these signs A few drops of corn syrup on the tongue can be life-saving.

If kitty gets chilled and you warm him up to quickly he may pass away. Try and keep him at an even temperature, keep him close to your heart so your heartbeat will help to calm him. Another enemy of this kitten would be dehydration. You can try adding a small amount of pedialyte to his formula. Best of luck!

Also here is a link with good information on it.

Newborn Emergencies

I am pulling for BOTH of you!
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How is kitty doing this morning? I hope he is still with you. Please let me know?
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I'm sorry for taking so long to write back. But Jack is doing alright

I think one of the problems with him having the runs is I have been over feeding him!! Everytime he cried I gave him a bottle! I feel so bad! Now I'm not sure how much to fed him! He's 16 days old and weighs
only 6 oz. Hopefully the diarehha is over with. I've been adding
pedialyte to his formula. And I've be making him wait to eat, every three hours now. He is drinking around 7-8 mil. at each feeding, by the reading on the bottle. Is this good , bad? I really unsure of myself now!!
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