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"Idiot" is a threat?

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Apparently it is according to some TSA screeners:


I think that saying someone is an idiot is a far cry from a potential bomb threat.
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Oh SHEESH! Talk about taking things overboard! I think we've ALL called people idiots at some point or another (me esp. during rush hour!), but that certainly does not make us terrorists!
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Well, if a little tube of toothpaste is a threat, I suppose the word "idiot" could be interpreted that way, too.
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I wouldn't call the word "idiot" a threat, just an insult.
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The guy doing it certainly wasn't doing himself any favors, especially planned ahead like that...

But they went and proved him right.

I've never seen such a clear-cut case of freedom of speech in my life, and with the amount of money we all spend bailing the failing airlines out year after year, they're sort of a government institution (IMO, anyway).
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Just to play devil's advocate, so to speak, I guess it could be interpreted as a threat if it was taken as "(so and so) is an idiot for letting liquids back on planes"- inferring that there was something in the little bag that shouldn't be allowed. Like some people trying (and some succeeding) in sneaking other things on board that aren't allowed.
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OMG that's crazy and a waste of time
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IMO, it seems that it was just a little incident that Mr. Bird wanted to make into a much bigger issue - and has succeeded, since the associated blog has grown to more than 30 pages. He wanted to stir the pot, and did it alright - he got his name in the press & the attention that he craved. With more important issues to consider, such as the contamination of watersheds from housing development in the California foothills increasing the likelihood of more e-coli outbreaks; innocent children being shoot at school; millions of cats being euthanized in shelters, etc. it seems that the public should have some more serious issues to address
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