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RIP, little calico!

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I spotted you right away at the train station this morning. Your poor little body was on the tracks, and I felt so badly for you and those who will miss you. I asked to be allowed to remove your body from the tracks, and was told I couldn't, but someone would. You were still there when I came home this evening. I'm sorry, little one. RIP.
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Poor little calico. Rest Peace sweet baby.
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ohno, poor darling thing

run quickly to the bridge sweetheart - you will be safe there

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I hope he didnt have any pain
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little calico. We don't know your name, never stroked your fur, heard your purr nor looked into your kitty eyes, but we mourn your loss just the same. And if prayers are answered, the sight of your lifeless little body will stir in many hearts a compassion for other kitties outside, alone, just like you were and those hearts will open their homes, and your passing will not be in vain.
Bless you for your caring, JCat, you were willing to give this poor cat the dignity and respect it deserves, even in death. I saw 2 cats at the vet's today who were PTS; they were old and ill, but still very beautiful - maybe they crossed over alongside the little calico, and they can be friends over RB.
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Poor little kitty What a sad way to die
Rest in peace sweet Calico
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RIP sweet calico
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Poor little kitty! I hope you were loved while here on earth, as the special pet of a kind person. If not, you have the love of TCS. Rest in peace, little one.

Thanks for allowing us to acknowlege this passing, Jcat.
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Gosh, this makes me cry!

Poor little one - rest in peace, sweet little calico.
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RIP little one. We love you.
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RIP little calico. Quick speed to the RB and a wonderful carefree life.
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Aww Poor little Calico

J- I am so sorry you could not do what was right for little Calico.

You can only do what you can do,and that is your best,you tried for little Calico and I'm sure he/she knows that.

R.I.P Dear sweet precious little Calico You will find all the love and warmth you need now little sweetie.
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Rest in peace sweet angel.
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