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New Kitten- Wonderful Lady!

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So Ive finally got a kitten lined up. Shes a 7 month old indoor girl, spayed and fully vaccinated. The lady who has her has already won me over. Its so nice to hear someone caring and thats not just willing to dump the cat off at the first person that comes by.

Its almost shocking! She says she wants to do a home visit to make sure we have screens on all the windows and doors, to see that we have everything set up. She asked me about my home life, if I have kids, other pets, if Ive had a cat before, etc. Her main concern is that this girl gets a loving indoor only home, where she will be safe and properly cared for. If everything goes well and the woman OK's the adoption, I've got a kitten! I dont care how she looks, all I know is she is what I am looking for 100%. Spayed, Vaccinated, not a tiny kitten, litter trained, friendly and loving.

I will definately keep you guys posted!

Edited to Add: I asked if there was an adoption fee and the lady said its is optional, whatever I would like to give (if anything) to help cover spay fee. What would be a reasonable fee?
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congratulations!!, how exciting!

I'm not too sure how much a spay costs in your area...I would call around to find out the rates, to find out what a reasonable fee would be to pay her.
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Thats wonderful news !!! Do you know when shes coming ? Or when you will have your new baby girl ?
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Im going to speak to her more in detail this afternoon. She asked me if I wanted her asap and I said yes, I have been looking for a nice kitten forever. As soon as we get the home check over with she is mine!

I was kind of let down at first because the woman is about an hour away and I dont drive, but then she told me that she works only minutes from my house! Its wonderful because as soon as we get the home check done (tomorow if possible) she can bring the girl right over.

Im so excited!

P.S. I THINK she is a calico, but maybe I misunderstood
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Tomorrow will be great !!!! Make sure you have the camera out to take lots of pics !!! I hope her transition into your home goes very smoothly. Please keep us updated !
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Just an update: I spoke to Ana this afternoon and she briefed me on Sessy.

She found Sessy in a bucket full of motor oil. She took her in and vaccinated and got her spayed, and trained her to the box.

Sessy is a 7 month old old white and calico female, who is quite friendly and playful. Ana is bringing her over on Saturday around midday, and will check out my home at the time.
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Awww Sessy had a rough start, but she on the better times now. Sessy is a sweet name. Saturday will come quickly !!!
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Hi again Julie!

CONGRATS! Sounds like you're going to be adopting a really fine young cat from someone who truly cares. (Wonder why she's giving her up!?! but very glad she wants no one but the best, responsible, qualified and loving person to adopt her girl!) I'm not sure what reputable groups would ask for adoption fees in Puerto Rico, but here stateside, $50-$75 is a reasonable amount, considering she has been given her checkup, basic innoculations, spay, and good care for seven months. Most of "my" cats are rescues from our old neighborhood, but I did adopt one girl from a dear friend who does cat rescue and adoption, and the fee was $75. A very reasonable amount, I'd say. (Personally, I find the idea of putting a price on a priceless living being really loathsome except to discourage wackos and to recoup some of the costs of the above...)
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Awww! Sounds like Sessy is going to a good home! Congratulations and welcome to TCS!
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Hi & welcome to TCS Congratulations on your adoption of Sessy...I'll bet you just can't wait

As far as the adoption fee, like another poster said, I would find out how much spay surgeries cost, and try to cover that if you can.

If you have any questions about the site, or need any help finding your way around, feel free to click on my username and send me a private message
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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Aww.....It's so nice that she cares so much. It must be a tough time for her to have to give her away. Luckily she found you!

I hope you are able to post pictures and if you need any help, just click on my user name and send me a private message!
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