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monty fell off the roof today!!

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So I was sitting down talking to my grandpa today and suddenly this huge cat fight erupted between Monty and Heidy, which is unusuall because being litter mates they have always been friends. So I went out and told them to stop it and behave themselves. They had a couple more little ones and then it stopped...

5 minutes later there is a thump thumb thumb skid, ect ect. And i'm like...omg don't tell me they are on the roof. So I go out and they are on the garage room! how can i tell, two little heads sticking out from the top where it connects to the house (but there is a space between) one at one end and one at the other. I can tell by they're faces they had been playing because they both looked at each other mischievously.

I tell them both to get down immediatly and Monty goes to do so, and of course Heidy just ignores me, lol.

So Monty heads to the end of the roof but because its a little slanted he must have slipped and I hear this huge scratch and bump and this orange body fall to the bush below!

I was very worried about him but he got up and started to rub against my legs so he seemed to be ok, I checked him over and there was nothing out of the ordinary, which means he was built tough! lol.

I tell you what though, we had a good laugh afterwards!

2 three year olds acting like kittens! and like human brothers and sisters lol.
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At least he rubbed around your legs to let you know he was ok!!

Silly babies!
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OMG I would crap!!
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lol, yeah I was pretty scared he broke a leg or something but I tell you what he's pretty tough, Monty was always the most naughtiest kitten, lol. He was always nearly giving me a heart attack!
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Glad to read that he was okay! And I love the way he just brushed it off "Oh, Mommy, let me rub against you" [and not notice that I fell off the roof] OMG, that MALE ego
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I am glad he is okay.

My cat Moochie did that once at our old place. I was standing at the counter just sort of zoning out and glancing out the front window when I see a white and black blur fall from the roof. I was like so I dashed out to see Moochie laying on the ground kind of stunned. I picked him up and rushed him inside. He had the wind knocked out of him but was other wise okay. He looked so it kind of made me chuckle.
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